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Real-time motion capture has arrived V Broadcasting soccer from the Netherlands U EFA ranks Hollands Eredivisie (Honorary Division) among the ten finest football leagues in Europe. Founded in 1956, the Eredivisie comprises 18 teams who play 34 matches each in the course of the season in their quest for the league title.  Of the nine Eredivisie matches played each week, the Dutch service provider United has for the last 15 years been charged with broadcasting seven. To guarantee flawless transmission quality, United devotes a lavish outlay in human and technical resources to its coverage of these matches, with up to 15 employees and ten cameras involved each time. To be sure of satisfying in full the demands of the Eredivisie contract, United deploys its entire fleet of OB trucks, with the larger vehicles OB6 (HD), OB8 (HD), OB12 (HD) and OB15 (HD) as well as the leviathan OB14 (HD) assuming the lion’s share of responsibilities. In each of these mobile control rooms, the intercom system plays a decisive role.  In all the United vehicles, RTS equipment from Dutch distributor AXON is relied upon to assure flawless communications. The centrepiece in each case depending upon the size of the truck is either an Advanced Digital Audio Matrix (ADAM) from RTS with a 144 x 144 or 64 x 64 port configuration or else an RTS Cronus matrix with 64 x 64 ports. Somewhere between eleven and 31 keypanels from RTSs KP-12 and KP-32 series are linked to the matrix in question, whether ADAM or Cronus. AIO-16, AES-3, Madi-16+ and RVON-16 VoIP interface cards allow for effortless trunking, thereby considerably expanding the communication capabilities of the system. The inventory of the various trucks also includes numerous RTS 2W/4W interfaces and RTS beltpacks. icon, developer of award-winning motion capture (mocap) products for the entertainment, life science and engineering industries, is pleased to announce the official release of Blade 2, powered by Axiom. This follows a highly successful alpha program, with studios around the globe enthusiastic about the results seen with Blade 2. Blade 2 is the first entertainment motion capture processing software to truly deliver compelling real time results out of the box. Two years in development, Blade has been completely re-engineered with a new live engine called Axiom, which faithfully reproduces a live stage captured performance with an accurate, fast, clean, real-time digital visualization. Blade 2 is capable of effortlessly managing capture of multiple characters, complex production scenarios and difficult shooting conditions. Significant occlusion and complex motions are taken in its stride with no loss of fidelity or subtlety of motion. Vicon customers who have been testing alpha versions of the pre-release software are already realizing the benefits of working with Blade 2.  Framestore is especially excited about Blade 2 for pre-visualization. Ben Guthrie, Motion Capture Supervisor said, We now have more clients that are not interested in any post-processed work, simply because its so easy to get the raw mocap data were literally delivering data to the client before they get back to their desk. Id pitch Blade 2 against any other system on the market. The real time is awesome. 06 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY072DEC12.indd 6 07/12/2012 15:13