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configuration would create a good collaborative editing environment but the fast turnaround bit might be a bit difficult.” Agreed! It also raises the question, would a broadcaster want to put his near-live storage somewhere out of his control? Probably not, but other applications, such as disaster recovery as well as more general collaborative editing are possibilities. To date third-party hosting has been demonstrated. Today the host is an sQ server with a QTube adaptor on it. But sometime soon it seems this could be any storage with suitable performance. Tests continue. which include a timeline editor with video and audio effects... and more, while the recording and playout still continue on the sQ... in another location. Tools provide viewing, logging and other metadata editing, sub- clipping, frame-accurate editing and quality media upload/download. This makes me think the Cloud is getting somewhat fuzzier. It used to mean using some storage hosted by a third party such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, et al. Whereas the sQ server would typically be in the TV broadcaster’s equipment racks, or van, where it has access to the incoming video, can replay to go on air, and provide internet access for the QTube users. But it appears this isn’t the only way you can work. You can upload content to Amazon Cloud storage and Quantel installs a virtual QTube transformer on that Cloud storage. “Then we can get the same performance out of that”, says Quantel’s Trevor Francis. “That’s closer to being what was the original definition of the Cloud. But this would require getting live video to and from Amazon so, in reality, this Quantel is not the only established editing supplier to see the need for broadcast Cloud-based editing. Avid offers Sphere, which is another move to leverage the Cloud for broadcast editing. Certainly these companies have huge broadcast experience and offer a different approach to making the best use of what resources are now available. It is also clear that Cloud editing is continuing to evolve as ideas and technology develops... another area to watch in 2013. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 29 TV-BA073JAN13.indd 29 11/01/2013 14:17