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You can see other examples creeping in too. Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps - which include Speedgrade, Premiere and After Effects – for example are available as a one-year or month-to-month ‘membership’. Having rattled on about renting kit for the last 462 words, however, it’s hardly a new phenomenon is it? Most other things in the TV industry – cameras, crew, OB trucks and traditional edit suites – are hired. Why not software? I remember back in 2005 Quantel offered a Pay-As-You-Go option for its eQ system that allowed users to upgrade from SD to HD at the flick of a switch. The higher resolution capabilities, if I remember correctly, were installed but you needed a paid-for key to access them and you could do so on a weekly or monthly basis, as each HD job arrived. It clearly hasn’t caught on in a big way though. So I did a Google search to see what other products are available like this (or in a similar fashion). Pipeline FX’s Qubel is available on a license rental basis for when you need more rendering capacity for a short period of time but don’t want to be tied in to an additional overhead once the project is complete. While GenArts’s Sapphire plug-ins for After Effects and Final Cut Pro is another example. You can get the whole lot of them for just a single month if you want. There’s definitely a trend here (albeit a small one). What is perhaps more interesting is where this mindset will lead us. One suggestion is that post houses in the traditional sense will one day not exist at all and that almost everything will be done away from the facility using kit owned by someone else. One US firm has already pre-empted that idea with its OutPost system. Thanks to ever faster graphics cards Light Iron from California has come up with a post-production lab that you can put on set, near set or on location. It has been developed for making dailies, syncing audio, processing files for Avid or FCP and all the other things that are generally done in big buildings with huge overheads. This is not about editing on location. That’s easy. And it’s not a DIT cart. OutPost is run by a single operator and can be hired for a single day. Clever stuff. This ‘pay-as-you-go post house’ is an idea that I can see catching on here in Blighty, and, in fact, mirrors one that a friend of mine had 15 years ago. His vision involved shipping containers filled with suites and servers being erected like a ‘pop up’ restaurant on set. Technology has got much smaller since then but the idea remains the same: huge swathes of the post- production process do not need to be carried out in a post house and in many cases they simply cannot be. And post houses and creative types cannot afford to keep buying new kit so they need new, cheaper, more manageable financial options. Mobile, rented, ephemeral: it’s hardly a revolution but you can see where it potentially might take post- production in the next few years. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 33 TV-BA073JAN13.indd 33 11/01/2013 14:17