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with rigging – because a lot of times it’s only him going out now, not even a sound man – so they will come in, we’ll give them some training and off they’ll go. It’s proving to be very popular for dry hire, and this is budget led. On the other hand, some cameramen don’t want to touch it – ‘it’s not my job – not what I do’. They want somebody, like me, to go with them, which is also fine. Then you get the ones who want you to come with the Polecam but they can’t afford it. If the cameraman’s game I’ll ask him to come in and I’ll give him the once over- ‘this is what you do – this is what you avoid - read the manual and don’t do anything stupid.’ What was the reason for buying the second Polecam? I’d say 90% of the response has been positive – like anything it’s horses for courses, but most people love it. It’s a good price, and for the price you’re paying it can massively increase your production values - and it’s extremely portable. I think over the next year or two we will be adding more Polecam rigs to our stock. That will be down to demand of course, but it’s all going very well. So it’s proving very popular with both wet and dry hire. Simply because of the success of the first. What about from now on? Left to right: Qatar oil, Dispatches Channel 4, Dispatches Channel 4, Plan B for the BBC The Wildest Remote Camera systems +44 (0)1590 622 440 TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 39 TV-BA073JAN13.indd 39 11/01/2013 14:17