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BVE NEWS OmniTek Stand H25 Datavideo Stand F38 Innovative Video Test & Measurement Equipment manufacturer and Video Application Design Consultancy OmniTek will have a range of novel facilities on show at BVE. D The main item on display will be the latest version (V3.0) of the company’s software for its OTM and OTR waveform analysers, which features the addition of Picture Quality and Audio Quality Assessment on OTR rasterizer models, together with a new In- Service Lip-Sync Delay and Loop Delay measurement (also available on the OTM broadcast waveform monitors). The HDR-45 desktop and HDR-55 rack-mounted models record HD video onto very affordable 2.5” hard drives. With a typical £50-£60 1TB disk holding well over 12 hours of 100Mb/s 1080 50i video, running out of capacity is never likely to be an issue. HD-SDI inputs with loop through and an HDMI output and simple hardware controls make the devices easy to use and to integrate into broadcast and AV workflows. atavideo’s new video recorders delivering very low cost HD capture are now available from resellers across Europe. The data recorder is replacing the VTR tape deck at the heart of nearly every production studio. Datavideo’s new HD models deliver all the advantages of tapeless production including very low running costs, long recording times and user-selected data rates. They will be demonstrated for the first time at BVE and are available for purchase now. Allan Leonhardsen of Datavideo’s distributor Holdan commented: Recording the output from a production switcher or from a system camera is now straightforward and cost-effective with the new HDR models. At around £1250 with very low cost high capacity media, these recorders are terrific value.” Libec Stand D24 M aking its first appearance at London’s BVE is Libec’s new LX10, which redefines the concept of affordable, professional tripods. At NAB 2012, Libec launch its new LX series to replace its popular LS range. With improved counter- balance, smoother action and an appealing new look, the LX5 and LX7 won plaudits for offering quality, stability and refinement at such an attractive price point. Now with the LX10, Libec has achieved another breakthrough: a very cost-effective 100mm ball tripod with an impressive maximum payload of 16kg. This specification is available from a tripod which is also 13cm (5) taller than its predecessor and yet loses nothing in terms of all-important rigidity. On first glance you could think the LX10 is actually over-specified, but with crews increasingly looking for lightweight supports for their broadcast cameras, Libec’s new product really hits the mark. Models such as Panasonics HPX3700, Sony’s PDW-F800 or even the Blackmagic Cinema Camera plus batteries, encoders, transmitters, recorders, monitors and lights - can weigh as much as 9 or 10kg, worryingly close to the maximum limit of many pro tripods. With LX10, users now have an affordable support that can operate comfortably at these levels. Said Nick Allen-Miles of Ianiro International, Libec’s regional distributor. Also making its first appearance at London’s BVE 2013 is Libec’s new flagship tripod and pedestal range. The new RSPlus series is designed to offer uncompromising performance, even with the largest of the new breed of 4K cameras. The new products deliver balance, stability and silky smooth functioning, even under the considerable weight of a fully- rigged camera. 26 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY074FEB13.indd 26 11/02/2013 16:44