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BVE NEWS Datavideo Stand F38 T Autoscript Stand F02 A utoscript will bring a range of its industry-leading prompter displays and accessories to Stand F02 at BVE, including the award-winning E.P.I.C. (Enhanced Prompting Information Centre).  The E.P.I.C., a unique all-in-one prompter display and on-air talent monitor, has been designed to simplify studio equipment, reduce power consumption and enable easier location prompting, while retaining the advanced features and functions of the Autoscript LED prompter series.   Products from the LED TFT range will also be on display, along with the acclaimed VoicePlus voice activated prompting software, new versions of Autoscript’s wireless hand and foot controls, and a variety of innovative accessories designed to solve real- world challenges. Sonnet Stand F38 M aking their European launch at BVE are Sonnet’s new RAID storage systems that have the speed and connectivity to excel in media environments. Sonnet Fusion R400S RAID is s 1U rack-mount 4-Drive SATA storage system which can house drives up to a total capacity of 16TB. In the safe and secure RAID 5 configuration, the appliance can sustain 240 MB/s read, 220 MB/s write speeds, sufficient for numerous ProRes 422 and even multiple 4K ProRes 4444 streams. This Fusion storage system supports Mac, Windows, and Linux environments and runs cool and quiet in its discreet rack enclosure.  he distributor Holdan will show the Datavideo MS- 3000 for the first time at the London show in February. A portable HD production unit (PPU), the MS-3000 is complete with everything producers need to match cameras, legalize signals, mix and switch feeds, insert graphics and logos, integrate audio, record programmes and communicate with the crew, talent and vision mixer. It includes an electrical distribution unit to simplify power supplies. The PPU unit launching at BVE 2013 is designed to offer the highest performance while maintaining a form factor that enables it to be transported with ease. With 10-bit support, chromakey and full analogue and digital I/O, the HS-3000 is ideal for outside broadcast crews, mobile TV units and fast-moving productions. It is equally suited to touring events companies. Murraypro Stand H38 Designed to interface with Murraypro’s popular Test Chest 3G, their new EYE~POD module extends monitoring capability to include Serial Digital “Eye” information. Users receive an immediate visual indication of the quality of an SDI input signal with regard to both overall signal amplitude, and Jitter parameters. The EYE~POD embraces operation at SD, 1G5- HD and 3G-HD, with ‘Eye’ waveform and important parameters indicated visually on the Test Chest 3G’s own high resolution LCD. This Touch Screen panel also controls the Eye’s displayed parameters, switching between ‘direct’ and ‘equalised’ streams, or selecting WFM display Timebase and Low Pass Filtering, in the timing alignment Jitter and measurement modes. Murraypro will be exhibiting at February’s BVE, where EYE~POD will be demonstrated on Stand H38. 32 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY074FEB13.indd 32 11/02/2013 16:44