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Dougmon - handheld camera-support system Intel-A-Jib Lite Developed by camera operator Doug Monroe, the Dougmon reduces wrist and arm fatigue while still allowing smooth, steady shots with DSLRs and small video cameras (up to 5.5 lbs). Unlike shoulder rigs it allows cameras to go wherever your arm can go by utilizing an adjustable friction ball head system centered in the palm of the hand. A successor to the Intel- A-Jib, Matthews Studio Equipment’s Intel-A-Jib Lite is for cameras that weight up to 20lbs (9kg). It has been developed for small spaces and remote places that other jibs cannot reach (and carry weight becomes a factor). Cartoni Jibo – lightweight jib A portable three- section jib, the Cartoni Jibo can carry up to 33lbs (15kg) and fits into a lightweight wheeled case. Its developers say that it can be put together or taken apart in under three minutes. Zip Shooter – portable surface dolly Libec LX10 Spirit – underwater dolly Created by Deep Vision, Spirit is a robotic motion control underwater dolly. It can store positions, velocity, acceleration and deceleration using a motion- memory digital remote, negating the need for a manual operator. Serving as a linear dolly, a curved dolly or an under-sling dolly this tiny wheeled device can hold an iPhone, a DSLR or other camera up to 20lbs in weight and fits in a shoulder bag. The development of ZipShooter was crowd-funded through Kickstarter. Debuted at BVE, the LX10 is a 100mm ball tripod with a maximum payload of 35lbs (16kg). Its USP is that it is 13cm (five inches) taller than its predecessor while retaining its rigidity. Betz-tools Universal Camera Shoulder Support A “QuickLock” plate, the Betz- tools Universal Camera Shoulder Support allows the user to safely and speedily change from handheld camera operation to tripod or Steadicam. Movietech Scooter Dolly The Scooter Dolly supports high- end cameras (up to the Arri Alexa) over narrow-gauge tracks made of specially profiled, extruded aluminium. Its key selling point is that it allows the user to easily switch between different cameras. Vinten blue5 – fluid head The list goes on... The Vision blue5 pan and tilt head and tripod system has a higher carrying capacity of 12lbs (5.5kg) to 26lbs (12kg) than the original blue system, making it suitable for larger professional cameras. Also features LF drag technology to enable improved control of the camera at any level of movement. Granted none of these inventions are likely to win a Nobel Prize. But in their own small way these tweaks and advances (combined with chalk, wood and spirit levels) are between them helping to ensure that camera support technology keeps moving forward (and backwards, and up, and down, and…) 48 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY074FEB13.indd 48 11/02/2013 16:45