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Sony Cameras and Canon EF lenses being used to great EFFECT by Mike Tapa MTF W ith the imminent introduction of the F5 and F55 from Sony, perhaps we should take look back on the fantastic work done by its predecessor the PMW-F3 in the past year. Interchangeable lenses is one of its main features, coupled with an extremely shallow lens register make this one of the most versatile tools in any cameraman’s kit. “We shot this series on the Sony F3, but I really wanted to use my collection of Canon EF lenses. They have a great look, and are fast enough for me to be able to easily control depth of field. By simply removing the PL mount, one is left with what is now known as the native FZ mount, common to all of 3 of the F series cameras. With the aid of 3rd party lens adaptors, one can now fit a multitude of different lenses, of both film , stills and video style. Also with the short throw of the focus ring on these lenses, they really suit my style of shooting, especially handheld. We used an MTF electronic lens adaptor to mount the lens to the camera and this gave us precise aperture control to 1/8th stop. This year, there were 2 major BBC broadcasts showcasing the possibilities of using Canon stills lenses on the Sony F3 camera. Privates, BBC1,  7th to 11th January 2013 A 5 part television drama series set in 1960 which follows the stories of eight privates who are part of the last intake of National service and their relationships with their officers and non-commissioned officers, civilian staff and families. The series was written by Damian Wayling, directed by Bryn Higgins and produced by Nick Pitt. Director of Photography Paul Otter. At the time, this was the only electronic solution for the F3 and the one we used was actually one of the very first off the production line. We were so happy with the results, I plan to shoot a feature film in the spring with, hopefully, the F5, Canon lenses and the MTF adaptor again.” Paul Otter, DOP Kangaroo Dundee BBC2,  26th January and 2nd February The first ever 2 part, 2 hour programme for the BBCs “Natural World” Photography: Andrew Graham-Brown A quirky, humorous and touching film that is a ‘love-letter’ to one of the world’s most bizarre and beguiling creatures - captured with a cast of human characters and stories that only the red-hot centre of Australia can assemble. This hugely entertaining two-part BBC Natural World Special is told by an extraordinary man called Brolga who dedicates his life to saving red kangaroo orphans and returning them to the wild. “Because we were on a budget, we decided to use Canon EF lenses. To make these work, we also had to bolt on an Iris Control Unit which fortunately MTF Services had just pioneered in London when we purchased my gear at the beginning of January 2012. This allowed us to use the full gamut of Canon stills lenses, both zooms and primes, most of which have no manual aperture. Without this clever little box that allows 1/8th stop adjustments we simply would not have gone down the above route as we would have had to spend a fortune on equivalent PL Mount Cine Lenses - or search high and low for manual aperture 35mm lenses.” Andrew Graham-Brown, DOP 72 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY074FEB13.indd 72 11/02/2013 16:54