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Chyron For Chyron, NAB is all partly about ChyronIP, a real-time HD/SD 2D and 3D character and graphics generator specifically designed for the NewTek TriCaster live production system. This system gives you two HD or SD full- motion channels of Chyron graphics that stream directly into the TriCaster over a network connection. It basically means TriCaster users can have the same sort of high-impact graphics typically seen in high-end sport and entertainment shows. Axle Video Media Asset Management is traditionally a pain in the backside. So when a vendor tells you that they’ve got a cheap product that makes it easy you a, take notice, and b, get very skeptical. Fortunately, with Axle, a technology I spotted at BVE, we may have a breakthrough. Axle runs on a Mac Mini and automatically catalogues the media in your storage (SAN or NAS or local) before creating low-bandwidth proxies that users can access from wherever they are via the web. One crucial aspect is that it tracks all of the media without interfering with it. At NAB expect demos of Axle working with Avid Media Composer. Editshare GoPro Another camera company that is always worth going to see is GoPro. Trendy as they come, the maker of wearable ‘action’ cameras has recently received investment from Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that makes Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox game consoles. It has promised to help “scale GoPro into one of the great enabling companies of our time.” I would expect some very big stuff from those guys at NAB in addition to the newest line of HERO3 cameras that are already billed. Angenieux Anamorphic lenses for the new breed of digital cinema cameras are going to be all the rage this year. Already announced are Master Anamorphic lenses developed jointly by ARRI and Carl Zeiss for the ALEXA range (with its perfectly suited 4:3 sensor) plus Hawk Vintage ‘74 Anamorphics and Scorpio Anamorphic Primes. In Vegas, Angenieux have promised to introduce an anamorphic zoom. I would expect Cooke to follow suit. Pixel Power Traditional hardware capabilities being replaced by software alternatives will be a theme for Pixel Power at NAB too. The British company is unveiling a new file-based rendering tool that will see its Clarity graphics engine made available in a software-only version that runs on standard IT hardware. It is expected that this technology will be popular with producers of IPTV and non-linear television services such VoD. After some time in the wilderness, the Lightworks NLE is big news again thanks to Editshare’s announcement that it will (eventually) become an open source product. The Linux version will move shortly from being in closed alpha testing to a public beta. The big thing about this development is that, if it works, it proves that software can be created that is operating system independent. Red Giant The plug-in maker Red Giant is launching a major new production workflow tool for filmmakers that will, and I quote, “elevate it beyond VFX and colour plug-ins”. I know nothing more. Best pop by their booth. Snell While some of the stuff above is based on whispers, hearsay, conjecture and the blind guess work of internet forums, one thing that is indisputable is that 4k will be everywhere at NAB. Cameras have been with us for a while. Now we’re getting other production equipment. As an example, Snell will show a 4k-capable Kahuna 360 vision mixer. 4k broadcasts may not that be that far away. 36 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY075MAR13.indd 36 11/03/2013 16:51