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Following the “Ravensbourne 3” with Alice Chant A s I had suspected a busy, new term has been presented to me. All of a sudden, I can’t quite believe my three years at University will be over in a matter of months. It only feels like yesterday that I arrived feeling terribly nervous and so full of hope and expectations. The main task of this term is our dissertation. My question is looking at the potential psychological effects of interactive hologram. I have a strong interest in psychology and the reaction of the audience. Many people, as do I, feel there is an argument to blame the media for glamourising violence. The interactive hologram is still in development, but we are already seeing the first signs of it. Because the subject matter is so new, it is quite difficult to research the technology and audience psychology associated with it. Therefore it is quite a theoretical piece with psychoanalysis research on the mind to back up my theories. I am intrigued as how the mind will react to the removal of the screen and the introduction of the lead protagonist of the film or video game stepping into our dimension. I feel that this will be helpful to me in my future directing. I will have a greater understanding of audience reaction and effect, to assist me to tell a story affectively and take them on a journey. For all we know, cinema might be changed forever by interactive hologram and we will have to learn to direct for hologram, rather than the big screen. Also, from a future employability perspective, I’m going to have a greater knowledge and understanding about the technology and it’s potential than other potential candidates. Developing our portfolio projects is another task for this term. I will be particularly focusing on my roles as a Director and Producer. One of the projects in development is a possible documentary for overseas. From a producing aspect, as you can imagine, will be a complicated and challenging one. I am also still working on developing a drama piece with the Producer that I am collaborating with. At the moment, it’s a lot of paper work and pre- production work! Outside of university, I was given an amazing opportunity to work on the National Television Awards as part of the stage management team for the company Indigo Television. My previous live television experience was with the Olympic Broadcasting Service as an audio assistant on the sailing events in Weymouth. Being on the stage management team was a different perspective of live broadcasting, rather than being on the production team. Without a doubt, I had an absolute ball. My job roles were anything from delivering packages, doing paperwork, meeting and greeting VIP’s, to flower arranging for award presenters! The constant excitement and tension of live television I must say is rather thrilling. I very much hope that this is something that I can do again and will be given more opportunities like it. This column is shared between Alex, Ruth and Alice who were introduced in issue 70. Look out for the next report in issue 76 – April 2013. 40 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY075MAR13.indd 40 11/03/2013 16:51