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On location with the BroadcastShow team blowing up a Peli Case C a steep HD learning curve though like many of my colleagues at the beginning. All talk was of megabits per second, codecs and wrappers, but with no practical experience many of us were going with instinct or best guess. Q. Next step? 3D. When I went HD I went for a slightly wider Polecam head that Steffan at Polecam had designed which would allow a second small camera to be mounted for 3D shooting. So for the 3D shoots I did I hired in a second camera. I did a shoot with two GoPro cameras too. Q. and then? The DLSR and large sensor revolution. I could see that a part of the industry was moving towards DSLR and large sensor camera production. I went on quite a few shoots where a Canon 5D was the main camera. I was shooting alongside with my Polecam and my Toshiba HD camera. Then I heard that Steffan at Polecam was coming up with a DSLR cradle and I was pretty excited about that. I was still cautious because I could see that shooting video with a DSLR was full of compromises, so I waited, then the Long Head for Polecam came out so I bought that in 2012. Now there were other large sensor cameras to choose from. I bought a Canon 5D and then eventually the Canon C300. Q. So what can you offer clients with your full Polecam rig setup now? Maximum flexibility. Because I’ve worked with Polecam now for eight years I know exactly what a full rig is capable of, and I can do it quickly and efficiently, getting all those original Polecam sexy shots with ease – some of which just can’t be done on a shorter Polecam with a heavy large camera on board. But if you want the filmic look, my rig and I are also capable of large sensor- shorter pole shooting too. In fact these two Polecam variants are very different animals and must be handled differently. Also you need more counterweights for the larger camera setup, so it’s not as easily portable as when you use the small camera. But I can quickly offer whatever the client wants, along with all my experience and my creativity. M Y CM MY CY CMY K For OB, live events and other multi camera events the little Toshiba HD camera has the big advantage that it has a full RCP capability so it can be plumbed in to the truck colour matching /racking system. In this form it’s still the quickest, lightest, most unobtrusive HD crane around. For shooting off-Polecam my C300 is now my main camera. Eight years on I still love shooting with Polecam. Much of that is down to the success of the original design and also the company continually moving with technology and staying ahead of the changes. Richard Hookings, Polecam Owner-operator with full Polecam rig Tel: 07976 399959 46 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY075MAR13.indd 46 11/03/2013 16:51