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edition. With live viewer interaction encouraged, the producer needs to create striking CG on the run. This is achieved with a virtual VTR which plays out alpha channel motion graphics created in real-time in After Effects. The signal is embedded cleanly by the switcher, adding a dynamic and informative element to the show. to play out multiple layers of graphics for dramatic creative effect. Its quality keying and multi-view output make the Atem 2 well suited for television use. “As with all Blackmagic equipment, the Atem is phenomenal value for money and very reliable. I trust their products to form the backbone of the infrastructure: we have several SDI to fibre Mini Converters and digital to analogue converters in use, with all signals routed and managed by though their 40 x 40 3G Compact Videohub. It’s all robust, efficient, high quality kit.” Remarks Johnston. The programme makes continual use of graphics – up-to 70 per For roving in-store reports, the production also employs a lightweight Panasonic HPX371, connected to the studio by radio link. Held on the shoulder and roaming up and down the aisles of the busy, working supermarket, the camera was selected because of its balance between size and quality. It’s for this reason that it’s one of the cameras employed by Associated Press video journalists around the world: weighing in at around 5kg including lens, it doesn’t slow the camera operator down and is relatively discreet. Delivering the iconic camera angle, high above the working surface directly down onto preparation and cooking areas, Johnston installed a pair of Panasonic PTZ HD cameras. These HE60S systems are mounted to the ceiling with their 18x zoom lens, and pan and tilt mechanism allowing the producer to frame each shot accurately. The movement and image settings of the PTZ units are controlled in real-time at the production desk with the help of Panasonic’s low-cost 5-camera controller. A month into the production, the technology is working well. Johnston concludes: “These days budgets are under constant pressure so at every point we have selected equipment that is reliable and broadcast spec, as well as being highly cost-effective. From the Blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder that we use to record low resolution proxy files for instant review to the Mac Mini we use as a graphics server, the working partnership between One-Ten, 3D Broadcast, the distributor Holdan and the manufacturers has delivered a very effective television solution at a competitive price.” Check out the blog here: TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 49 TV-BAY076APR13.indd 49 26/03/2013 16:48