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Mosart Medialab at NAB Mosart® Newscast Automation 3.4 has a range of new features and functions, including a redesigned graphical user interface (GUI) with full user configurability, which further enhance the most versatile and powerful studio automation system on the market. Story elements such as cameras, clips, and graphics can easily be assigned to buttons for simple and quick access. A range of interface overviews also can be assigned to buttons, making the GUI a shot box for touch screens and adaptable for a range of TV productions. Story scripts from the newsroom computer system are shown directly in the Mosart GUI, and Mosart operators can store clips and graphical elements in a pool ready for execution on request.  Fluid head for Cinema Camera B lackmagic Design created a huge buzz in the filmmaking industry with the introduction of its amazing Cinema Camera, providing a true feature film look and amazing dynamic range for beautiful images, delivered at an affordable price. But the new cameras unique form factor requires a versatile fluid head system. A perfect match for the Cinema Camera is the Sachtler FSB 6 Fluid Head, which provides Sachtlers well-known operational feel and familiar dependability for precise panning and tilting, with specifications to let the Blackmagic cameras user get the most out of his Cinema Camera. New NVISION router options M iranda Technologies will release a series of new options for its NVISION 8500 (NV8500) Hybrid Router Series at NAB 2013. The new options include a single, eight-input frame sync card, two powerful new control panels and a significantly upgraded router control system. Snell have announced the launch of the Luna Series of 1RU router control panels, including four LED models and two LCD models. Featuring an ultra- shallow rack mount depth of less than 2 inches (50 mm), the Luna panels can be powered from an external +12V DC supply -- making them ideal for OB trucks or other installations where space and power are at a premium.  Traditional applications that require eight frame synchronizers also need eight processing cards. Now, Miranda has designed the NV8500 Frame Sync Input Card, a single input card that can take wild feeds or inter-facility signals of various video formats and sync them to a house standard. The card provides eight frame synchronizers with support for 3Gbps, HD and SD and helps reduce space, weight, power and cabling requirements by integrating this modular function inside the router. To add further value and functionality, the card also performs audio disembedding in addition to its frame sync functions. Luna series of high-density router control panels 08 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY076APR13.indd 8 26/03/2013 16:46