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WORLD NEWS Introducing the PIX 240i KIT Samurai sharpens up S ound Devices unveiled its PIX 240i KIT, an all-inclusive kit that provides all the equipment needed to operate the PIX 240i in professional video production applications, at NAB Show. A Sound Devices PIX 240i KIT includes a PIX 240i, power supply (XL-WPH3), two batteries (XL-B2), two drives (includes PIX-CADDY with 240 GB SSD drives), sun hood (PIX-HOOD), articulating mount (PIX-ARM), HDMI and SDI interconnection cables, and a rugged carry-case (PIX-HC1). An ideal, all-in-one solution for video production professionals on the go, Sound Devices new PIX 240i KIT comes with all the necessary equipment needed on location or on-set, conveniently housed in a portable carrying case. Atomos has now shipped a staggering 10,000 field recorders worldwide, and the Samurai has been a great success. For most professional environments it continues to be the go-to recorder or deck for many of our customers, said Jeromy Young, CEO and Founder of Atomos. We are now excited to present the next generation of Samurai the Samurai Blade. tomos, creator of the award- winning field recorders Ninja-2 and Samurai, and the acclaimed Connect converters, has announced Samurai Blade at NAB 2013. Blade introduces the SuperAtom IPS screen super sharp, super bright, super blacks right down to the last atom. At 325 dpi and a million pixels, this screen is spectacular. With full waveform functionality, the Blade is a monitor that records and a recorder that truly monitors. It’s the perfect partner for the new wave of cinematic cameras. added Young. Powered by AtomOS 5*, this stunning 1280 x 720 5 touchscreen gives the Blade gamma, brightness and contrast control, as well as vectorscope and RGB/luma parade features. Pricing and Availability Samurai Blade will ship in May 2013 with an MSRP of $1,295, excluding sales tax.  With immediate effect, the price of the Samurai is reduced to $995, excluding sales tax. Debut of Model 240 Producers Console S tudio Technologies Inc., debuted the new Model 240 Producers Console at the NAB Show. The company also showcased enhanced versions of its popular 200-Series Announcers Consoles. The 200-Series, which consists of models 210, 212, 220, 230, 233 and the new 240, are powerful, easy-to-use and flexible audio control hubs for announcers, commentators and production personnel. The new Model 240 offers powerful IFB flexibility and partyline intercom options. Compatible with all broadcast and production analog and digital audio system environments, the tabletop units are well suited for on-air television, radio broadcast and live-event production applications. The updated products also introduce new functionality and an improved physical design. Trailblazing archiving features C ache-A Corporation unveilled a set of new, trailblazing productivity features that make archiving even faster and more efficient, as it debuted its complete range of LTO-6 LTFS appliances, at NAB 2013. Cache-A premiered its complete LTO-6 product family at NAB 2013: desktop Prime-Cache6, flagship Pro-Cache6, high-performance Power-Cache, and flexible Library 24/48 automation systems. With the introduction of LTO-6, Cache-A is also unleashing a brand new set of industry- leading features that significantly boost productivity in archive operations. 16 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 77 MAY 2013 TV-BAY077MAY13.indd 16 02/05/2013 21:17