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The Marshall V-R1042-IMD-3GTE Dual 10.4 4RU rack mount monitor, now with 3G input Cloud-based MAM updates T edial has unveiled a number of key features to its product portfolio including cloud-based updates to its MAM system Tarsys and extended BPM capabilities for Ficus, its powerful workflow manager. These new elements provide significant benefits to broadcasters looking to improve and simplify operational and business requirements. Rack mount monitor with IMD now available with 3G input M arshall Electronics have released a 3G version of their popular V-R1042-IMD-3GTE dual 10.4 inch rack mount LCD monitor, adding one more important and practical feature to a whole host of other essential and very useful facilities already in there. The 3G input should be available on the entire Marshall IMD range from NAB 2013. Stuart Cameron, MD of Cache Media, sole distributor of Marshall Electronics in UK and Ireland said “Most importantly to many customers in a time of shrinking budgets, this unit will save you money with Marshall’s All In One IMD design, the In Monitor Display. This fully-integrated approach eliminates the need for additional or separate Under Monitor Displays and allows UMD information and tallies to be displayed directly within the Marshall flat panel display, saving precious rack space and UMD system outlay, as well as saving on weight and power too.” Demand-based tv graphics production P ixel Power have announced Pixel OnDemand, a new software-only package for onscreen branding, promotion and creative graphics that had it worldwide debut at the NAB 2013 Show. Pixel OnDemand packages Pixel Power’s legendary core graphics engine into an easily deployed software package that runs on standard IT servers to meet the needs of nonlinear, store-and-play content delivery operations such as IPTV channels, video-on-demand services, mobile content, news operations, and second screen viewing applications. True 4K DCP review and playback Q ube Cinema demonstrated its system for integrated 4K DCP review and playback at the NAB Show. The Qube XP-I server, Xi 4K Integrated Media Block (IMB) and the Quad 3G interface for digital cinema projectors allow integrated postproduction and digital cinema mastering workflows. Postproduction facilities with 4K DI suites are now able to use one projector setup for both HD-4K uncompressed color grading and 2K-4K digital cinema playback providing comprehensive review and quality control with this one Qube system. The postproduction version of the Xi IMB features a Quad 3G interface with four BNC connectors that can be connected to color grading or finishing systems to stream uncompressed 4K content directly to a Series 2 DLP cinema projector. The Xi IMB with Quad 3G inputs offers seamless switching between 4K color grading formats and 4K DCPs from the same projector. Color grading and 4K DCP review can be done using a single projector in the screening room, allowing immediate comparisons and precise quality control of deliverables. 28 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 77 MAY 2013 TV-BAY077MAY13.indd 28 02/05/2013 21:18