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WORLD NEWS Dolby Digital and Dolby E support C inegy’s first products with Dolby functionality have hit the market Cinegy Multiviewer, the most innovative solution for monitoring and analyzing AV IP-streams and now also SDI signals, along with Cinegy Air, the TV-channel-as-a-Software-Service solution that scales from single box to enterprise cloud. By integrating what used to be yet another box in a rack right into the core of its products, Cinegy customers can now build higher-density solutions, with less integration hassle, more flexibility and considerably lower capital expenditure and operation costs - continuing the trend of replacing broadcast hardware with software services. New feature-rich stereo loudness controller A new loudness controller has recently been released by DaySequerra offering Intelligent Loudness Control which delivers EBU R128, ATSC A/85 CALM and ARIB-B32 loudness compliance simultaneously for two independent stereo TV broadcasts in a cost-effective, feature-rich 1RU package. This is the new iLC2ST, which eliminates viewer complaints without damaging the original mix and has a built-in ITU.BS 1770 loudness meter to ensure loudness compliance, without “squashing” the sound. Its remote dashboard provides remote control, monitoring and logging.   It also has a dual DSP platform, GPI-switched user presets, an ethernet interface/remote dashboard for compliance logging and optional analogue audio and HD-SDI I/O. Sonifex is the sole distributor for DaySequerra products in the UK. Investing in high quality audio A ward-winning composer and producer Michael Price is using a Prism Sound Maselec Master Series MEA-2 equaliser on his latest project creating the music for ITVs acclaimed supernatural drama series Lightfields. I wanted something fabulous that could add some sparkle and warmth to the TV mixes we were doing in the studio for Lightfields.  I loved the MEA-2 when I’d used it at Abbey Road so I decided to invest in one for my own studio, Michael explains. Prism Sounds MEA-2 is a stereo or two-channel, four-band precision equalizer that is designed for recording and mastering applications where ultimate sonic performance, musicality and precision are required. The unit provides a very transparent signal path where only the desired equalization is obtained, without adding any particular sonic signature. 30 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 77 MAY 2013 TV-BAY077MAY13.indd 30 02/05/2013 21:18