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WORLD NEWS Customising the AD256 Mixer A udio developments satisfied the requirements of a European broadcaster by adding two extra Aux busses. A new module was developed positioned to the right of the output module, incorporating two extra auxiliary outputs. As with Auxiliaries 1 & 2 they are independent of each other and operationally the same. That is Auxiliary 3 operates the same as Auxiliary 1 and Auxiliary 4 operates the same as Auxiliary 2. Each auxiliary has its own OFF/PRE/POST selector switch for each of the mixer inputs. The PRE/POST refers to audio signal being selected pre or post the individual input fader. As with Auxiliary 2; Auxiliary 4 has its own level control. The auxiliary selector switches are independent of the input channel routing to the main outputs. Booth SL5624 “Because Audio Developments still maintains its own manufacturing facilities it is able to quickly adapt a standard model to fulfil the clients wish list” explains Tom Cryan, AD’s managing Director “In this case the client wanted a small foot print 8 into 2 broadcast mixer but with 4 Aux outputs” CUDA acceleration supported in Metus INGEST M etus technology continues its commitment to extracting the last drop of performance out of your PC hardware, by adding CUDA support for GPU based H.264 encoding!  With Geforce 690 GPU, 6 channels of 1080i H.264 video can be captured in real time. GPU accelerated encoding started to be supported by Metus INGEST in 2012, with Intel QuicSynch support, which is an on-board GPU technology available with some PC motherboards and Intel CPUs. While enabling low cost hardware to do multi channel HD capture, this technology requires that the motherboard and CPU needs to be compatible with it. CUDA is supported on Metus INGEST versions 3.4 and above. Compact stand alone fibre interfaces Full Broadcast quality and 3G pathological signal performance Wide range to suit different applications and budgets Designed for Outside Broadcast and Studio Applications Best price and performance ratio on the market TV Bay Advert 2012 page 1 TV-BAY077MAY13.indd 9 TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 77 MAY 2013 | 09 Friday, 02 November 2012 16:33 02/05/2013 21:17