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REVIEW Teradek Bolt by Jon Boast T he location is a small busy working kitchen of a top London restaurant; the chef and kitchen staff have enough on their plate without having to worry about avoiding cables and bumping into members of the crew filming them go about their business. The soundman is able to keep himself out of the way, not causing trip hazards with cables and the director is able to move freely monitoring the picture on his wireless monitor – a piece of kit that for many PSC (portable single camera) crew and lighting cameramen has become a standard item on the crew van. Systems such as the 2.4ghz analogue Transvideo monitor with built in receiver have become the work horse for many. It offers a guide for the director with regards composition and content but because it still relies on a 2.4ghz analogue signal, these type of systems can rarely be relied on to judge lighting, colour and true picture set up. We’ve all wished for a compact & affordable HD monitoring system which we can hook up to our large or small HD monitors, and offer wireless HD pictures. In the past systems have been prohibitively expensive to have as part of your kit and often the size makes them tricky to use on a daily basis. Teradek is an American company which appeared on the broadcast market a few years back with their ground breaking product the Teradek Cube. A small transmitter which offered compressed video over a wireless Wi-Fi network. We’d seen systems using Wi-Fi technology before, the IDX Cam Wave being the obvious one for many. The down side of my IDX Cam Wave for me is the size of the transmitter. Using it on a C300 or the back of a PDW-F800 makes it quite a large unit. The Teradek Cube offered something different though, it streamed 54 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 78 JUNE 2013 TV-BAY078JUN13.indd 54 10/06/2013 15:16