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Focusing manually proved to be a challenge, as the lens has a unit at the base to house the motors, so you can’t use the familiar C shape of your hand to hold the top and bottom of the focus ring. The Image on the viewfinder is excellent and easy to focus, with an expanded focus button and face detection, and you can touch the monitor to focus if that’s your preference. A nifty little feature in the menu lets you set position A and B for the focus and then by pressing an assign button the focus will move smoothly between the two. You can even set the duration of the focus between A & B in the menu. Overall I would say it handled the images well, hanging on to the detail in the sky shots as well as normal surroundings. They’re pleasing to the eye when viewed on a normal TV, with no noticeable noise or any moire patterning. I was shooting by a lock near a mill and I was more than happy with the images I came back with. Round up... A great little camera that’s easy to use and avoids too many menus, essential when working fast. The lack of Cache recording was a disappointment, as I do a lot of theatre work and have no idea when the curtains will go up. This would help to save on media, but perhaps a firmware upgrade will allow this. I know it’s a small thing but I loved the audio beep - when running around that beep is a sign of confidence that the camera has started or stopped; handy, as when you’re busy you might not notice you’ve accidently knocked the record switch. Having the separate charger is also good news as so many cameras just come with a mains lead to charge the battery in the camera. All in all, thumbs up on this surprisingly versatile camera! Actual camera image thin air broadcasting • • • • • HD/SD SNG Trucks Multiformat MPEG2/4, DVBS/2 Radio Cameras Space Segment News, Sport, Events, Corporate Tel: +44 (0) 7910 862 706 email: TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 78 JUNE 2013 | 69 TV-BAY078JUN13.indd 69 10/06/2013 16:50