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Some evidence of that is Aframe’s news that Initial, a unit of Endemol UK, is using Aframe’s cloud video production and asset management platform to speed the review and approval process for “Your Face Sounds Familiar,” a comedic celebrity singing competition. Instead of shipping DVDs of the full 75-minute, full-resolution broadcast or contestants’ pre-airing performances, Aframe allowed the Initial team to upload content directly into Aframe’s secure cloud-based platform. From there, content was sent as an email link to a team of executives in well under an hour, for the team to review from any device, anywhere in the world. Cloud applications continue to evolve and with dependence on transferring large volumes of valuable media data to and from the cloud, data speed and security is of increasing importance. This has lead to many professionals adopting a more appropriate transfer, with much higher speeds than the commonly used FTP can provide. An example is London’s Envy Post that has recently selected Signiant’s Media Shuttle hybrid SaaS (meaning the UI for the transfer resides in the cloud) file transfer for rapid delivery of high res long and short form programming. Another interesting trend is for actual media assets to reside at the post or production house’s, or studio’s internal server, thus re-establishing the old way of keeping the media ‘at home, on the shelf.’ Personally, I don’t think this is true cloudy behavior as it removes a lot of the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of your, or your clients’, precious pictures! TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 80 AUGUST 2013 | 49