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So just when you think you’ve found all the storage you uncover a full length compartment at the rear – ideal for files, shirts and anything that didn’t fit in the aforementioned spaces! Over the last few months the bag has been under train seats, in aircraft overhead lockers, chucked in the boot of the car and accidently dropped from various heights all to no ill effect on it or the contents bar a few scratches on the front plastic panel. Once you get over the fact it’s not lightweight then you find this is a comfortable backpack with excellent padding and ventilation with numerous compartment straps to ensure everything is in place. So whether you are walking, biking (pedal or power) or just simply travelling then this is one backpack to take a serious look at. What I’d like to see…. • A waist strap as well as the chest strap as it can sometimes move about a bit with a full load. • Reflective safety strips on the backpack – including them as stick on accessories might be nice. • A fluorescent backback elasticated cover to offer the commuter / walker complete water protection in the zipped parts. What I love… • It just looks the business! • This is the only storage I need for an overnight business or holiday trip where my laptop needs to come along. • The tough handle on the top if you prefer to carry rather than sling on your back. • With some budget airlines squeezing hand luggage dimensions, but not worrying about weight, this is perfect for carry on occasions. • The storage you have seems endless... Bare in mind… • Very heavy for a backpack especially once filled with all my heavy stuff. But maybe protection comes at a cost? • As you can't see the waterproof seals then a thicker laptop may fit but could prevent a watertight seal - make sure you keep within the spec. Cost: around £200 Buying information: TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 80 AUGUST 2013 | 55