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Storage news: Space 4K Duo: the facility goes on-location GB Labs launches Space 4K Duo that not only delivers the capacity and performance needed for shared 4K editing, but also introduces a complete workflow that offers a secure disk to LTO tape workflow with automated, high speed backup and data transfer capabilities. For DITs in the field, ingesting, sharing, processing and protecting 4K video is a real headache. Says Ben Pearce, Sales & Marketing Director of GB Labs. They can store data on external drives but this isnt particularly safe, and theres little they can do with the files until they get back to the facility. Space 4K Duo changes all that. Now the facility travels with the production crew: collaborative editing, picture grading, file transcoding and media management can all begin instantly, with full data security in place. Data Ingest Space Duo enables users to import data fast without the need for a Mac or PC: Duos in-built USB 3 and an optional SATA port supports fast card readers for data ingest direct from the media. It can even host external hard drives for file offload, sharing and archiving. Data Security Media insurance and best practise demand multiple copies of video footage shot on tapeless cameras. Integrated into Space Duos portable design are twin LTO-6 drives, with the capacity (2.5TB) and speed (160MB/s) to backup or offload files fast from the primary storage array. Space 4K Duo can automatically replicate all new data onto tape, even while editors are working on the footage. System security is also high on the agenda: Space Duo is housed in a robust mini rack, the OS is optionally hosted on a mirrored SSD and dual PSU units are available for power supply redundancy. Storage and Shared Editing Completing the Workflow Space Duos SSD-based RAID array provides 4.8TB capacity and very high sustained read /write speeds, easily exceeding 1000MB/s. Mac and PC computers can connect to the system via 10Gb Ethernet for instant shared file access and collaborative editing, even with DPX and RAW files.  Product Spotlight I BC NEWS: The 4K location shoot is now commonplace, particularly in film, music video and drama production. However, for digital imaging technicians (DITs) working in the field, UltraHD is extremely problematic. Once data is ingested, replicating the material for insurance purposes can be taxing and the process of offloading files onto the facilitys network is often a slow manual process. Furthermore, the massive 4K data-rates mean that typical portable storage systems fill all too quickly and few can deliver multiple streams of video, making on set editing and grading very difficult. On return to the facility or studio Space Duo 4K can safely and swiftly auto-replicate its new data onto a Space tier 1 or super-tier 1 array or into archive with Space Echo nearline. All data transfers can be managed using the web interface, accessible over the local IP network. Facilis TerraBlock tops the charts for T-Series T-Series Head of IT Sachin Chauhan explained, “We could no longer rely on digi-beta tapes and individual hard drives as our main source of storage. There was just not enough 66 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 80 AUGUST 2013 room in our facility to house all of the hard drives and tapes. It was clear that we needed a high-performance shared storage system and quickly.” which has saved us a huge amount of time,” said Chauhan. “We’re now able to turn around projects faster than ever before.” He researched all of the available solutions on the market before ultimately opting to install two Facilis TerraBlock 24D 48TB shared storage systems and the Facilis Shared File System in T-Series’ post facility. With help from local reseller SRSG, T-Series had its creative workstations connected to the TerraBlocks via Fibre Channel in a short timeframe. Operating seamlessly across all of T-Series’ non-linear editing systems, the TerraBlocks have also facilitated greater team collaboration. Chauhan shared, “TerraBlock has given us a new-found flexibility. Our team is not only able to use the best tool for each job, but can also easily work with one another across projects.” Since integrating the TerraBlock systems into its workflow, T-Series has experienced an increase in performance and productivity. “We no longer have to waste time juggling digi-beta tapes and hard drives. All of our files are in one central location and easy to access, “Shared storage is vital to everything we do; the TerraBlocks continue to perform flawlessly and have become an integral part of our workflow. They’re so intuitive and easy to manage that we never have to worry about them. I can’t even imagine what we’d do without them” he concluded. Product Spotlight F ounded 24 years ago, T-Series has evolved into India’s top music label, representing more than 1,482 artists over the years – including Indian music legends Jagjit Singh and Pankaj Udhas. The media and entertainment company also owns the rights to more than 35,000 audio titles, 2,000 video titles, 42 Hindi films and more. With such an immense amount of content, the T-Series post production department set out to digitize, organize and store its entire collection of audio and video assets last year, which required the implementation of a strong, shared storage infrastructure.