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SIS LIVE moves, Argosy connects… As part of the relocation of its transmission business from London to MediaCityUK in Salford and Milton Keynes, SIS LIVE relied on rack equipment, cables and complementary connectors from specialist distributor Argosy. The choice of cables and connectors from a single vendor ensured not just fast fixing but also the best possible signal integrity. One of the core businesses of SIS, the parent company which wholly-owns SIS LIVE, is to deliver dedicated television services to chains of betting shops and online gaming organisations. It is the hubs for these channels which have been relocated from London’s Corsham Street facility. The new machine rooms in Salford have been fitted out by Digby Installation Services (DIS), a long-term installation partner of SIS LIVE. Argosy supplied all the cable and connectors to SIS LIVE for the project. It also provided the mains distribution panels for each rack, ensuring that clean and stable power was available for all the electronics. 10.O51 Hot picks and what not to miss M ystery lovers and those with an interest in intercom and commentary systems should not miss the latest development from DELEC on stand 10.D30. It’s under wraps until the show and will be launched at 1.00pm on Saturday 14th September. Sharing stand 10.D30 will be American intercom manufacturer Intracom Systems showing a VCOM system connected to a DELEC frame, providing interconnection for 4 virtual panels via a DANTE connection. Junger Audio stand 10.A49 is announcing a dramatic change to its product delivery. Customers will benefit from a universal processing platform capable of audio transcoding, routing and processing with packages of audio tools designed for specific applications such as radio, TV, production, post etc. Also launching at the show will be a plug-in version of Junger’s loudness management tool Level Magic for Mac and PC 32- and 64-bit systems. RTW stand 8.D92 is showing a much requested software application for loudness logging, true peak data analysis and reporting for its TM7 and TM9 audio meters.  Also new for the TM7 and TM9 is the BLITS (Black and Lanes Ident Tones for Surround) option for identifying and lining up 5.1 broadcast circuits. Additionally on display the 31900 and 31960 with new firmware revision 04.0041 supporting the latest EBU/ITU loudness regulations including ITU 1770-3 plus the TM3 with the new moving coil option for PPM, VU and loudness. Portable HD LCD receiver T eletest have launched the Telesend HD LCD receiver, the world’s first portable broadcast LCD monitor with an internal HD receiver. Designed for director’s wireless confidence monitoring, the Telesend system can also be used for wireless focus pulling, wireless TV presenter prompting and for live broadcast links. American controller manufacturer JLCooper on stand 7.J43 is highlighting the surround panning controller for the Nuage mixer. The panner with 3 axis joystick is designed to mount directly into the console expansion chassis and has a custom software plug-in for Steinberg Nuendo. The Eclipse PX panner is a freestanding version. Visitors to stand 8.E85 will be amongst the first to see the exciting new ANDIAMO converters from MADI specialist DirectOut Technologies. All will be revealed on the first day of the show. In addition DirectOut has expanded the capability of three existing MADI products. There is a choice of zero delay HD-SDI and HDMI transmitters for shoulder or Steadicam mounted broadcast cameras and any DSLR rig. The Telesends can be fitted with any combination of battery adapters. Console manufacturer Stagetec, stand 8.C80, is showing its touch screen mixer POLARIS with new Pyramix DAW control. Latest software version 3.11 for the ON AIR 24 modular console allows the control inputs of the dynamics modules to be routed to external inputs enabling level control of other sources. 14 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 81 SEPTEMBER 2013