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WORLD NEWS 10.A29 Messenger is down by Riverside I BC2013, 12-17 September, Stand 10.A29: Trilogy, a leading supplier of voice communications technologies for the broadcast, industrial and commercial sectors, has announced the installation of its new Messenger intercom system in a new OB vehicle for Riverside Television, Caherlistrane, Ireland. Riverside’s new OB vehicle was designed and built by Warwickshire-based Dawson Coachwork with specialist wiring provided by Hampshire-based AB Cable and Wiring.  Dubbed ROB (Riverside Outside Broadcast) to join BOB (Boxed Outside Broadcast) and MOE (Mobile Online Edit) in Riversides OB facilities, the new addition includes at its core Trilogys recently launched Messenger intercom system. Integrating high speed file transfer technology C ospective has integrated Aspera’s file transfer technology into its Academy Award®-winning cineSync video review software. With cineSync 3.3, anyone with an Aspera server and a cineSync Pro account can now make high speed file transfers from within the cineSync interface. This makes reviewing large-file material in cineSync faster and easier, while maintaining a high level of security. 3 mini high resolution camera heads revealed British manufacturer Bradley Engineering will be showing three new cameras at IBC, the BEHD15 mini remote HD camera, the HDC150/150SR HD MOS mini remote ball camera and the ‘Eyeb’ camera. All three models are fully remote controlled 4 Megapixel HD mini cameras for unobtrusive and remote filming. Bradley Engineering will also be showing some of the very first miniature remote camera heads with 30:1 zoom at IBC. The company’s miniature rotating Cam-Ball camera has taken a great step forward and the latest version has 30x zoom lenses and a new high resolution sensor with increased low light sensitivity. It will capture even greater detail, and provide High Definition broadcast images up to 1080p. The new lens gives a zoom range of 30:1, equal to 65 degrees – 2.5 degrees with a horizontal angle of view, MOD 10cm wide with less than 3% distortion, and more than 200 increments to control Iris: F1.6 – 28. 11.F41 Hall 10.F24 Complete range of Rack Based and compact stand alone fibre interfaces Proven in Studios, Transmission Centres and Outside Broadcast Full Broadcast quality and 3G-SDI pathological signal performance Plus Analogue Audio, AES, Genlock, Data, HDMI Best price and performance ratio on the market