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WORLD NEWS First accredited Silver Partner in Snell Advantage Program Snell have announced that, newly accredited as the first UK-based Silver Partner within the Snell Advantage Program, has provided two KudosPro MC1000 motion compensated standards converters to Surrey-based Finepoint Broadcast for inclusion in the company’s extensive broadcast equipment rental inventory. The sale is the latest in a series of Snell installations - including the KudosPro SV2000, the Kahuna multi- format production switcher, Pyxis routers, and Archangel and Alchemist systems - facilitated by Embedded monitoring goes OTT A gama Technologies, the video service quality assurance (QA) expert, will be at IBC2013. Embedded Monitoring is now available for all major OTT platforms, such as iOS, Android, Silverlight, JavaScript (Smart TV/ HTML5) and Flash. This enables operators to really understand the end-user quality experience and behaviour, regardless of the mix of end-devices, which is vital in today’s multiplatform world. A.A71 Objective QoE at IBC2013 At IBC2013, Bridge Technologies is launching Objective QoE, a new monitoring technology for Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring. In a break with tradition Objective QoE eschews the conventional approach to QoE monitoring, by using only criteria that are appropriate to broadcast and digital media delivery. Objective QoE monitors a range of errors that typically occur in media delivery, including audio silence, colour freezes, colour black, and freeze frames, to detect failures affecting quality of experience. This contrasts with the traditional approach taken in many QoE systems, which are based on criteria derived from telephony, such as MOS (Mean Opinion Scores) and arbitrary values such as bluriness. 28 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 81 SEPTEMBER 2013 Integrating VidChecker Automated QC N OA Audio Solutions has partnered with VidCheck to integrate VidChecker automated quality control into NOAs mediARC archiving system, to provide highly adaptable and accurate QC facilities within a complete end-to-end archiving solution. VidChecker performs comprehensive checks of video and audio parameters as part of the actLINE new product VideoFileAnalyzer. With VidChecker launched from the VIdeoFileAnalyzer in a mediARC system, these automatic quality control checks are performed consistently and accurately, at faster than real time. When quality issues are detected, the actLINE software acts on the problem in one of three ways: flagging it as a warning only, as a fail on error, or by approving it to the archive depending on selectable acceptance criteria.