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runners using a smartphone, and then held post-race interviews with the runners in the main square. The car was fitted with a Viprinet Multichannel 510 Router that can bond up to four x 4G networks as well as a Ka-Band satellite connection. This created a WLAN around the car. While moving and filming the runners 4G uplink connectivity was used, augmented with Ka-Band when stationary at the end of the race. An iPhone 5 with the LiveU LU-Smart app and an LTE SIM was attached to a steady rig and a stabilised car mount and used for the actual video capture. So what’s next? With live video capture forever changed, it’s a question of how better to integrate cellular technology with more traditional broadcast workflows. LiveU Central is a just-announced, next-generation central management system, which forms a key part of the newly revealed LiveU ecosystem. So what is LiveU Central? This provides newsroom operators with comprehensive and intuitive tools for controlling the operation and flow of multiple live feeds from different locations nationwide and overseas. LiveU Central includes: LiveU MultiStream, enhanced point-to- multipoint distribution, enabling high-quality live content to be instantly distributed from the field and shared between bureaus and affiliated stations in multiple locations; LiveU Matrix for real- time previews and flexible online management of multiple feeds for live broadcasts and social newsgathering; Geo-Location for each LiveU unit; and enhanced remote control of all LiveU field devices, servers, and laptop and smartphone applications, including remotely managing satellite contribution through our packs and hybrid solution. LiveU MultiStream, based on LiveU’s robust protocols, allows point-to-multipoint-distribution, enabling the central cloud-based 72 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 81 SEPTEMBER 2013 LiveU Central is a just-announced, next-generation central management system. distribution of live HD video over the public Internet with guaranteed high- quality transmission between different sites that have a LiveU server. Video can be sent from one central point to multiple newsrooms or broadcast stations for simultaneous live broadcasts, representing the most cost- effective way for video distribution between separate facilities, compared to dedicated fiber connections, satellite and dedicated IP lines. It also provides a backup for primary feeds. For example: a local station in New York can simultaneously share its live feeds with other stations across the US; a news bureau in one country can share its content with other bureaus around the world. LiveU Matrix offers optimal flexibility for daily newsgathering allowing operators to handle high volumes of content simultaneously via a simple-to- use, intuitive user interface. This dramatically reduces operational complexity and means that operators can preview, monitor, and switch between a large number of feeds to any output (SDI, CDN, or other sites) from a central location for dynamic live coverage of breaking news. Users can simply ‘drag and drop’ live feeds from multiple channels on one screen. By using the LiveU Matrix, any user in the control room - or even while at home or traveling - can easily monitor all incoming LiveU feeds simultaneously, allowing users to exploit the full potential of live news storytelling and social newsgathering The Matrix is very useful as a screening tool for major news operations, or, for example, when a large number of simultaneous feeds come in from contributor smartphones via the LU-Smart app. Geo-Location allows newsroom operators to be able to track instantly the location of all LiveU units, providing an accurate location of every device in the organisation. This results in faster response times via the better use of resources on the ground. Locations are indicated on a central map showing the current status of every unit for example, live, recording, offline etc. LiveU Central also provides a video preview and management of each device via the map view. Enhanced Remote Control allows any authorised user to quickly and easily control any LiveU device and software from anywhere, whether they are sitting in the master control room or when out of the office. In addition, the MCR is able to monitor connectivity (and the history of connectivity in a given location), and can use that information to switch location or add BGAN/Ka-Sat connectivity if required. LiveU continues to innovate with many applications for cellular bonding still ahead of us. It’s exciting times for the industry with live video playing a key role in global newsgathering and social media.