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April 2013 July 2013 London Marathon - Our crews have extensive experience in delivering coverage of this complex event and we pride ourselves on our good relationships with the huge number of on-site suppliers, providers and authorities. Through this we are able to offer our clients a fully managed technical solution, something I’m not convinced that many others could do in the same way. Wimbledon Tennis - This turned out to be quite an historic year at Wimbledon with Andy Murray becoming the first British male to win in 77 years and we enjoyed delivering coverage of the 2 week tournament. We delivered HD coverage from the 9 televised courts and a host of other facilities such as a new remotely operated tower cam overlooking Murray Mound and Blue Peter broadcasts from the broadcast centre roof. Funeral of Baroness Thatcher - This was an historic moment in British history and an innovative one in TV terms. The programme was actually created aboard our OB 7 vehicle which was parked up at our Milton Keynes base some 50 miles away from London. Our bases have excellent satellite and fibre connectivity which gives us the ability to produce programmes remotely, meaning that in the future production teams and facilities could be centrally located leading to better utilisation. It’s an interesting concept… and one we’ve now proved is viable. Royal Baby Birth - Our satellite uplink fleet May 2013 Dambusters 70th Anniversary - This special programme featured stunning footage from one of only two operational Lancaster Bombers left in the world. SIS LIVE is the only company approved by the Ministry of Defence to install broadcast equipment on the aircraft, which is quite an accolade. One of our engineers (who has amassed more flight time than some of the pilots!) helped produce exciting coverage of recreations of the bombing raid conditions. Help for Heroes - As well as working for established broadcasters we also work with a large number of companies who are comparatively new to broadcasting. The Help for Heroes charity came to us wanting to produce coverage of Prince William and Prince Harry’s visit to open one of their centres, and stream it live on their website. Using our SISCaster vehicle and IP team at Milton Keynes we achieved a quality broadcast in a cost efficient manner. June 3013 broadcasting they were extremely appreciative of our expertise in making sure their programme was delivered safely. Airport live - This ambitious Pompeii live - We were pleased to be involved in the first ever live cinema event broadcast by the British Museum. As relative beginners to the art of 84 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 81 SEPTEMBER 2013 series took viewers behind the scenes at the world’s busiest airport, London Heathrow. Broadcasting in and around a busy airport is not the simplest task and meant extensive planning, tight security and technical ingenuity, particularly to ensure that our RF and satellite communications didn’t disrupt aircraft communications. was very busy delivering news coverage of the Royal birth of Prince George for 7 major UK and US broadcasters, including providing over 101 hours of satellite time for US broadcasters over just 2 days. August 2013 92 Live - Ahead of the new season Sky Sports News broadcast live from every one of the 92 Premier and Football league club grounds in the UK over just 12 hours, making broadcasting history in the process. We were involved in two months of extensive planning ahead of the programme and provided 15 SNG/ uplink trucks to support the delivery. September 2013 Partner Programme announced - And now we’re back at IBC! One thing we’re really keen to talk about is our new Partner Programme. We design and manufacture a range of award-winning satellite and broadcast products and are keen to extend our reach into other territories and markets. We’re interested in working with companies who have existing relationships with potential customers and hope they’ll come to find us at IBC or through to discuss the benefits of working with SIS LIVE. America’s Cup Finals - We’ve been providing agile cameras, RF services and a talented technical team to the America’s Cup for the last three years and were nominated for an RTS Award for this Multi-camera work back in November. The America’s Cup finals will be happening during IBC, so do look out for our handiwork there!