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Cache Media announces new Blueshape power products C ache Media, exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland for Blueshape Battery Systems, has announced the arrival in stock of two new product ranges: The new GRANITE battery series is designed to endure even the most extreme conditions, features a super rugged construction, giving the batteries remarkable resistance to impacts and bumps. They have been tested with a two meter drop without suffering any damage. The improved “Nickel-based” Li-ion chemistry allows great performances in a reduced core, making this battery perfect for light video applications. As an additional feature, this battery provides 2 additional power outlets through 2 D-taps, conveniently located on the battery sides; these are electronically protected against shorts and overload so as not to compromise the battery’s main supply. The BLUESHAPE battery range is designed, planned and manufactured Tv-bay 12 months test of the Petrol Deca Dr. Bag S ometimes the only way to properly test something is to use it for a year in all manner of scenarios and then look at how it and, more importantly in this case, the contents have fared up. So the bag of choice for the next 12 months for hauling around our trade and road show camera gear is the Petrol Bags Deca Dr. Bag. We’ve gone for the extra-large model which is compatible with the snaplock trolley. The trolley folds away neatly (although we’re not sure where to store it yet) and when required is easily attached to the bag. We can’t see the bag coming off the trolley snap system as 58 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 82 OCTOBER 2013 in Europe employing high standards of technology and safety. Each battery uses up to 26 cells which are sourced only from leading manufacturers Sanyo or Panasonic. “They are the only manufacturers we have found to produce reliable consistent cells which allow us to guarantee the performance of our batteries,” explained Dr. Enrico Ferretti, Blueshape Managing Director: “The cells are checked for equality first to make sure they are all equal in performance and charging speed. Then, when the battery is charged, our software ensures that the charging speed is kept even in each cell, and that none of the cells are under or over charged. This way we are able to ensure the best possible performance from our batteries both in terms of battery life and longevity.” Cache Media MD Stuart Cameron explained his enthusiasm for the range: “I have been highly impressed with this company’s attention to detail and the incredible standards of construction. Essentially, the range offers unparalleled performance in terms of duration of use and features the highest energy density in terms of Wh per unit weight or volume of any battery on the market. They are also among the few batteries capable of 225Wh. Most of their competitors stop at 140Wh. In addition, they have an inherently high level of safety, with electronics carefully matched to the battery cells, flame retardant plastic cases and fully compliant to CE standards and to applicable EN regulations for EMC and LVD.” He added: “This is the perfect choice for Alexa cameras and for anyone seeking a high performance/no compromise battery, complete with remote diagnostics for extra security.” The BLUESHAPE Power Station is a convenient system to integrate the power of multiple V-Lock batteries into a unique source that can be tapped anywhere, anytime as a simultaneous dual DC voltage output. The power is available simultaneously from 4 XLRs, two for the 28V and two for the 14V output. For more information on the Blueshape range please visit it’s very secure but on tight corners, at fast walking speed, we do sometimes lose balance as the wheel axle is not that wide. where it will get a decent outing with a vast array of contents and we’ll let you know how we get on! When we travel by air then we tend to use a hard case for protection in the hold and on baggage carousels so using a soft case like the Deca Dr. might not be prudent – the size we have would also be too big for hand luggage. However for lugging in car boots and vans then it is a good fit for something like our Panasonic HPX600 camera and lens plus associated accessories with the neat feature of an internal strip of LED lights so nothing gets lost when you’re in a dark field looking for your AA batteries! Watch this space… Let us know if you want to borrow it to give it a test as we’d welcome your feedback. Our first proper job for the bag is our Belfast, Leeds and Pinewood Tour in October (www.