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Travel light with Gulliver LED I aniro’s new portable and fully dimmable Gulliver LED is a small 40W unit available in AC or DC versions. With the same diminutive proportions as the classic halogen light, the new Gulliver offers all the advantages of LED technology. “With this new unit, we have delivered a product that does not fall into the usual LED traps. It’s designed to perform to a high level over its entire lifespan and to maintain a consistent output throughout a shoot, with no change in colour response.” said Nick Allen-Miles of Ianiro International.  New PA at the RAH A udio Specialists Sound By Design has installed a new HALO-Compact PA system in the main auditorium of the Royal Albert Hall supplied by UK manufacturer, EM Acoustics with Van Damme cabling supplied by VDC Trading. The nature of the RAHs events has changed substantially in recent years, demanding a more versatile audio solution. Having trialled the system on a number of events including Singing in the Rain, and ENB’s season of Swan Lake, the company’s engineers were unanimously agreed that HALO-Compact was the right system, both aesthetically and acoustically, for the Hall moving forwards. Gulliver LED is designed for use in small studios and on location. As such, it is lightweight and durable making it suitable for news and documentary reporters. The small size of the unit posed particular challenges to the design team. To keep operating temperatures at acceptable levels, the casing was designed as a radiator, with near-invisible vents throughout. The internal heat sink was made to measure from anti- corrosion aluminium, very different from an ordinary commercial extruded component. The aluminium casing was optimized to facilitate heat dispersion. 16 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 83 NOVEMBER 2013 BrainNews now supports Octopus Newsroom Brainstorm Multimedia, industry-leading 3D real-time graphics and virtual set solutions provider, has announced that its latest version BrainNews, Brainstorms template-based graphics solution for news, now supports Octopus Newsroom systems, the leading newsroom computer systems for broadcast television. BrainNews is a fully scalable, MOS-compatible, template-based system that integrates graphics into news environments, allowing journalists and producers to customize and combine high-quality pre-defined 3D graphics within their news workflow without the constant input from the Graphics Department.