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Edward Sanchez penetrating student media is a very exciting prospect. TV-Bay promised that 4K would be at centre stage for the tour, and this was certainly true. Whilst the various displays of equipment were obviously impressive to those who attended, you could feel an air of anticipation amongst cynics and optimists alike. Everybody was waiting for the moment respected filmmaker, and tour headliner, Philip Bloom would take to the stage to reiterate his renowned verdict. The first part of Philip Bloom’s seminar had the room divided, some leaving still unsure, over 4K and the main question on everyone’s lips was: is it worth it? Bloom’s argument was simple; right now it’s for the producers to enjoy, but it will soon be for the consumer, just as HD was. Besides, ‘films like Rush deserve to be shot in 4K’. I have to say, I concur. Make no mistake, 4K isn’t some over hyped cash cow like 3D is, although talks over what lies beyond 4K may come under this scrutiny. As long as producers are on board (which by the look of the inspiring technology on display at the trade show they are), then the MAY 2014 consumer will soon follow. A very good point was made about future- proofing – ensuring the longevity of our productions once 4K takes over. Ok, so the masses may not be able to appreciate it right now, but they’ll still be getting top-notch HD whilst the 4K productions are still being scaled down. The second half of Bloom’s talks was far less up for debate, but invaluable nonetheless. PB taught us a well groomed lesson on the art and importance of storytelling. It’s something I think filmmakers appreciate being reminded of, especially from somebody who built his very successful career on doing just that, across several formats. I’m the director of the documentary film Trackside, a feature length film focusing on Track Marshals in Motorsport. I attended tv-bay’s BroadcastShow Tour in Pinewood Studios to get a chance to meet some equipment suppliers and of course hear Philip Bloom give two talks. I got down to Pinewood nice and early, easy registration and into the main room. It was quite unlike many trade shows I’ve been to, only about 12 or 15 companies there, but it was nice. Complimentary cup of coffee in hand I soon settled into a conversation with the guy from Atomos, who I was very interested in talking to as I was about to buy a Ninja 2. Philip Bloom gave two talks throughout the day, both very interesting in different ways. The morning was very technical 4K talk and second about keeping the passion alive. Both good talks, it was a really interesting and insightful day. Great to talk to some of the suppliers and have a hands on experience with their gear. Bring on 2014. Edward Sanchez – Director Trackside @tracksidefilm I came away from the day at Pinewood with a smile on my face and an overload of food for thought, still pretty shocked that was all for free. Although the industry is evolving daily, trade shows and seminars like this by tv-bay, are important in bringing together the innovators and showing us where we can go from here. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 83 NOVEMBER 2013 | 39