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essentially refurbish the property once the shoot is finished.” Lodged in an adjoining property or even parked outside, the vision mixer, camera technician and director can now produce very high quality television that gives a 360° perspective on the comings and goings in any house or organisation. Over recent months, Minicams has been hired by television companies including Two Four, Endemol and Mentorn to record new documentaries for mainstream terrestrial television. A new series currently in production is using 24 hot heads installed throughout an educational facility. On a smaller scale, 6 episodes of Series 3 of Hotel of Mum & Dad was shot using discrete miniature cameras, while Minicams has also undertaken in-car filming for Motorway Cops & Traffic Cops and Barely Legal Drivers. to triggering by motion sensors. Minicams uses Cinedeck’s RX Broadcast 2 channel XDCAM recorder and Convergent Design’s Nano Flash recorders, both of which are able to record high quality HD over many hours, with only occasional swapping in and out of media. Nick of Minicams notes: “While this does simplify the installation of equipment and the filming process itself, producers are limited to fixed camera positions in the finished programme will require considerable work in post-production. When a PPU is used, the director can control dozens of cameras and wireless microphones to catch critical scenes, conduct live vision mixing, ensure camera matching and change the image settings of each PTZ in real- time, thereby cutting time to air and delivering excellent pictures and sound.” Today, with an experienced crew of installers, carpenters and technicians, a fly-on-the-wall documentary can be ready to record – or transmit live – within a matter of hours of arrival on location. Channel 4’s Secret Eaters saw Minicams innovate in order to capture participants’ indiscretions and weaknesses in the face of temptation. Panasonic AW-HE2 fixed head camera was positioned inside the family fridge; motion detectors trigger the HD unit soon as the door opened and the offender reached for a forbidden treat. PTZ specialist at Holdan, Panasonic Broadcast’s UK distributor is keen to point to some of the more unusual aspects of the HE2: “Unlike a traditional PTZ, the HE2 is mounted on a static platform. However, as it has a 14 megapixel sensor, operators can select any 1920 x 1080 area from any part of the full frame and even move the zone dynamically during recording to deliver a kind of virtual camera movement. It is also possible to zoom digitally up-to 2 times with no picture quality loss whatsoever. Though motionless, the HE2 can still track action and close in on the subject copes well with placement even in the obscure positions.” In tight shooting locations, such as cars and trucks, all the programs on a very limited budget, the PPU is replaced by portable recorders capturing continuously or in response TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 83 NOVEMBER 2013 | 57