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WORLD NEWS Historical digitisation project Software Generation Ltd (SGL) has announced a major installation of its FlashNet archive at PBS Ltd., Maltas national broadcaster.  The project was overseen by systems integrator DAB Electronica Co. Limited. Quality sound to studio and small screen A udio engineer Richard Gough is the latest in a roster of high profile Front-of-House engineers who are investing in DPA d:facto II Vocal Microphones for use with big name recording clients. Gough has been using d:facto Vocal Microphones supplied by DPA’s UK distributor Sound Network with a number of artists. One of these is Conor Maynard who has tried the microphone in the studio for small live recordings, and in a broadcast setting for live TV performances including one for SBTV and another for ITV2’s Xtra Factor. “Maynard is still quite fresh and new to the music industry,” Gough explains, “so I didnt really expect him to notice using different mics on his own vocal. But after using the d:facto for about ten shows in a row, there were a couple of TV performances where we had to use another brand of wireless mic and he instantly noticed the difference. He wasnt happy with the amount of ‘pop’ or the ‘booming’ in the low end that these other microphones were giving. It was a noticeable difference for him.” Also impressive for Gough has been the way DPA’s d:facto Vocal Microphone performs, even when used in an unconventional way. With a catalogue of material dating back 50 years, PBS Ltd. has a vast collection of historical footage held on U-matic and beta tapes.  The primary focus for the broadcaster is to digitise this material so that it’s available for future use and so that it can be stored for generations to come.  As well as providing historical value, the SGL archive also provides PBS Ltd. with a simpler, more efficient workflow for current production and news material. SGL FlashNet is being used in conjunction with an Avid Interplay Archive system sitting between an Avid Interplay PAM and a SpectraLogic tape library.  The workflow moves clips required for transmission imported into the Avid Interplay with FlashNet automatically creating backup copies on tape stored in the SpectraLogic library.  In-house PBS productions and news production material is also held on the Avid Interplay and stored to the library in the same way.  The workflow is also configured to enable FlashNet to restore material to the production environment. Physique TV chooses Chameleon OASYS Automated Playout has been chosen to provide an automated playout solution for Physique TV, MENA’s first 24 hour HD television channel dedicated to fitness, healthy living, nutrition and action sport. As part of a decision to consolidate its market presence and bring all transmissions in-house, Physique TV selected the OASYS Chameleon platform to supply automated playout for its Arabic language channel broadcasting on Arabsat. 18 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 84 DECEMBER 2013