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WORLD NEWS Optimising live television pictures P Cranking up the volume A t Sony Music Entertainment UK, the Digital Video Production Suite provides post production for several in-house projects from music videos for Sony-represented artists to behind-the- scenes interviews, promotional content and more. Under the supervision of Digital Production Manager Joe Wylie, a prolific team collaborates on 10-20 projects at any given time ensuring that all materials are in tip-top shape before hitting the web, television or any consumer device. The capture, review and management of these assets are integral to the entire process, and the department has come to depend on its Facilis TerraBlock shared storage system to handle these tasks. ION®, the inventor of a new product category for Live Camera Enhancement™ (LCE™), have launched their first product. PION® LiveScene™ is a real-time, GPU-based image processing system that significantly enhances the picture quality of live broadcast television, addressing common broadcast camera limitations. Aimed at outside broadcast (OB) and studio production environments for live sports, live news and live entertainment applications, LiveScene sets a new standard for live broadcast picture quality. The system takes the live uncompressed feed from broadcast cameras, or an inbound compressed stream from live ENG or event coverage, and enhances it in real-time to overcome common live production challenges caused by adverse conditions - such as lack of highlight and shadow detail, noise and poor colour or contrast. The solution significantly enhances the final picture quality of live television and improves the consumer’s viewing experience. While shared storage may be invisible to the outside world; it’s absolutely essential for us to keep track of all incoming and outgoing video materials and thus vital to generating revenue for Sony. We use our TerraBlock everyday, and we’ve had a really great experience with it, shared Wylie. We can easily turn on the system, use it and edit even with massive files. It’s reliable, stable and just works really well. Delivering custom automated graphics Harris Broadcast has announced that TVSN, a leading home shopping channel for Australia and New Zealand, has selected Harris Broadcast’s cutting-edge graphics automation solution. Deployed with the launch of TVSN’s localized New Zealand channel in August, the custom graphics automation solution interfaces with TVSN’s enterprise resource planning system to serve multiple master control facilities with a single graphics operator. “By enhancing our existing Harris Broadcast graphics solution, we are able to develop the competitive edge necessary to expand into New Zealand,” said Nick Pigot, general manager television, TVSN. “By working closely with the Harris Broadcast team, we have deployed a custom, comprehensive automation solution that improves operational efficiency and integrates closely with our existing systems. The result is a boost in productivity, allowing a single operator to manage multiple markets from one console and to focus on TVSN’s production and commercial goals.” 34 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 84 DECEMBER 2013