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Dreamflight t-shirts for the entire trip. Without the other camera operators giving up their time and energy to the trip and industry sponsors such as Procam, the charity wouldn’t be able to create these priceless memories of the life changing holiday. At Procam we hope to continue to support Dreamflight with kit and crew for many years to come and I would personally advise anybody else to seriously consider offering their time to this wonderful charity, and be part of the team that changes children’s lives. The volunteer video team is made up of professional cameramen, editors, directors, anyone willing to give their time and have fun! If you’ve been inspired and want to be part of the Dreamflight video team in the future or are interested in becoming a sponsor, email Freelance Cameraman and Dreamflight Video Team Co-ordinator, Jon Boast at on the time they’d had and how much they’d enjoyed themselves, which was an extremely rewarding experience to be a part of. Even the process of editing is a learning experience, vital to anyone looking to improve their filming skills. Overall I created 20 hours of footage which I now have to edit down into a one hour bespoke video memory. There is a real skill to deciding which shots to use and how to create the most effective and lasting memory. Looking through all of the footage I’ve created has helped me to see how I could shoot it differently and reflect on how I can improve my filming in the future. It’s an experience I would repeat again in a heartbeat. For other budding camera operators I would definitely recommend giving up your time to get out and shooting as much as possible: you can learn so much from simply filming as much as you can whenever you can. I’m proud to, along with Procam, have supported the great work undertaken by Dreamflight this year. The video I’m creating will provide priceless memories of the trip for many of the 192 seriously ill and disabled children that went on this year’s trip. We were happy at Procam to donate some of the cameras which facilitated the 12 strong video team: two XF105’s and two GoPro HERO 3’s along with sponsoring the video team’s TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 84 DECEMBER 2013 | 73