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Celebration day S nell have announced that renowned filmmaker Dick Carruthers has earned the Best Live Coverage Award at the U.K. Music Video Awards (MVAs) 2013 for “Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day”, which is based on his production of the bands 2007 reunion gig at London’s O2 Arena. During the benefit concert, which was a tribute to Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun, Carruthers used a 28-meter by 10-meter backdrop featuring video mixed on the Snell Kahuna multi-format production switcher to create the visual spectacle envisioned by the legendary troupe for its stage return. Tracking the jungle talent R emotely controlled pan/tilt/zoom equipment from Camera Corps have been tracking contestants in ‘I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!’ on ITV in the UK and channel 3e in Ireland. ITV is producing the programmes in full 1080-line high-definition with technical infrastructure supplied by Gearhouse Broadcast. “This is one of the largest shows in the world, with more than 600 staff working in shifts round the clock for three weeks,” comments Gearhouse Broadcast COO Kevin Moorhouse. “It is transmitted from one of the hottest and wettest locations on the planet, in the tropical rainforest of New South Wales. “Camera Corps has worked with us very efficiently and effectively over many years to ensure that we capture consistently high-quality video, indoors or out, with full protection against rain, high humidity, high ambient temperature or low light.” “Camera Corps have integrated more than 90 remotely controlled cameras to follow the action inside and around the camp. These include 16 Q-Ball robotic pan/tilt/zoom heads, 20 HD-MiniZooms with infra-red night illumination, 30 MiniShots, 26 Hitachi DKH-32 and three Toshiba IKH-R1. The Q-Ball heads incorporate 10:1 zoom optics and a low-noise pan/tilt drive with precise speed control which allows the director to request live follow-shots. We get consistently high picture quality from the Q-Ball and HD-MiniZoom cameras, including all the detail viewers expect when watching in HD.” Technicians David Sisson and James Todd from Camera Corps will be working alongside the Gearhouse Broadcast production team to install, operate and reposition the robotic systems throughout the show. “The cameras are operated from remote pan/tilt/zoom joystick panels located in the control room,” David Sisson adds. “We have also installed Camera Corps ‘Simply SMPTE’ electro-optical and single-mode fiber links which allow HD-SDI from the camera heads to be carried much greater distances than can be achieved over standard copper cable. A popular element of the series is the bushtucker trial which invites contestants to reach out one way or another to the wildlife of New South Wales. One of our tasks is to ensure the local insects and snakes don’t set up home inside our camera housings. The Q-Ball is very effectively sealed against incursions of that kind.” | 08 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 84 DECEMBER 2013