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Hollywood’s most powerful color correction now adds online editing and innovative on-set tools! With over 50 amazing new features, DaVinci Resolve 10 now combines the world’s most powerful color correction with new online editing, live grading from cameras and new digital cinema file generation compatibility. Now you can edit, color correct, grade live from cameras, sound sync, manage media and deliver files for broadcast and cinema all from the one software tool! DaVinci Resolve is Hollywood’s most advanced color grading system, now with the power to manage your entire workflow! Live Grading On-Set More post production now starts on-set with lighting and other aspects of the shoot verified with color correction. Now DaVinci Resolve can grade live from your camera with the full creative power of primaries, secondaries, power windows and even custom curves! With dailies tools for grading, editing, sound syncing, managing media and metadata, DaVinci Resolve 10 is now your complete on-set production solution! World’s Best Color Correction Add emotion to your images with a massive toolset designed by colorists for colorists! The innovative YRGB primaries and node based design allow more creative grading and better looking images. With PowerWindows ™ , RGB mixing, curve grading, blur, sharpen, mist, keying, noise reduction, OpenFX Plug-in support, auto stabilization and 3D window tracking, you get unlimited creativity with DaVinci Resolve! Advanced Online Editing Finish your project with DaVinci Resolve’s powerful online editing! You get a full multi layer timeline with ripple, roll, slide and slip clip trimming and title tools! Modify edits, drop in VFX shots even change speeds! With built in XML, AAF and EDL round tripping, revise sequences in your favorite editing software and DaVinci Resolve will automatically relink RAW camera files so you are working with the originals! Highest Quality Authoring No other system supports more file formats and you can even grade from mixed format clips on the same timeline including CinemaDNG, RED ™ , ARRI ™ , F65, ProRes ™ , DNxHD ™ , H.264, uncompressed and more. You can master to files, tape or create first generation digital cinema files all directly from your graded camera RAW images in 32 bit float quality. That’s the best quality possible for your theatre release master! Free download with unlimited nodes. Supports 1 GPU. DaVinci Resolve Lite Free DaVinci Resolve Software £ Full Resolve with unlimited nodes and multiple GPUs. Use 3rd party control panels. DaVinci Resolve Full Resolve with colorist control surface for the most advanced facilities. 625 * 18,725 * £ Learn more today at *SRP is Exclusive of VAT.