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Complying with loudness broadcast standards H HB Communications Ltd. has supplied Nugen Audio plug-ins to ITV, National Geographic, FX UK channels, audio post specialists Vaudeville and The Farm Group and many more to assist them in complying with international loudness broadcast standards. Anchoring creative video F rom the Kennedy Center to the National Mall, Creative Video of Washington, Inc., a full-service video production company based in McLean, Va., produces a variety of live events across the Washington, DC region. Although the company maintains a very healthy SD production business a lot of association meetings are driven by PowerPoint presentations that still use the 4:3 aspect ratio. The company made the move to native HD production with its latest mobile package, which is anchored by a Broadcast Pix© Granite© 1000 integrated production system. HHB’s Soho-based audio post subsidiary Scrub has recently provided ITV plc with a combination of over 20 Nugen plug-in licences, including the Vis-LM Loudness Meter plug-in, the Loudness Toolkit plug-in bundle and the Complete Loudness bundle for their audio post production and Avid Media Composer suites in MediaCityUK.  ITV London Dubbing Mixer Sam Wansborough has used the Vis LM-H for ITU-R BS.1770 compliance with 3s integration on promotional material for Channel 4 and for double- checking the overall meter readings for National Geographic programs. He comments: Nugen plug-ins offer very accurate and clear feedback that makes it a lot easier to mix naturally to loudness, rather than reacting by trying to hit a target all the time. This level of detail allows you to accurately determine the parameters with clear resolution. Write enabling the meter readings into the automation lanes also helps to quickly and easily locate and identify problems. According to Kirby Whyte, CVW president, the Granite system has been in almost constant use since its launch in October 2012. “Frankly, it has become the heart of our HD switcher package,” he added. In addition to meetings, Creative Video regularly provides live video production for trade shows, awards ceremonies, and indoor and outdoor concerts. The company also offers pre-production and post-production services. Video cloud gains momentum H aivision have reported that channel partners Hulskamp Audiovisueel (a leading Dutch media company) and Ikonik Media (a service organization focused on digital strategy and optimization) have selected the Haivision Video Cloud as a service for their global customer base to manage, publish and distribute live and on-demand video content. Haivision Video Cloud is an end-to-end platform that simplifies video management, publishing and delivery to multiple sites and devices. As enterprises continue to adopt video to communicate to audiences globally, including employees, partners and customers, the management and distribution of that content has grown complex due to the proliferation and diversity of mobile devices, social media sites and video formats. Haivision Video Cloud simplifies video workflows by integrating automated video content management, audience analytics, live and file-based transcoding and CDN services. 16 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 85 JANUARY 2014