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WORLD NEWS Bolstering kit offerings at Fat Dog Solutions I n 2007, Phil Wade teamed up with Leslie Zunz to launch Fat Dog Solutions, a company specializing in studio design and engineering services, as well as equipment rentals. Over the last six years, the UK- based boutique has established a diverse client base ranging from corporate customers like ICANN, PwC and Johnson & Johnson to broadcast clients like Channel 5. As the business has evolved, AJAs Ki Pro and Ki Pro Rack digital video recorders have played a key role in the company’s success. With a stock of Ki Pros and Ki Pro Racks, Fat Dog Solutions is home to one of the largest Ki Pro rental fleets in the region. Protect tech and now... camera gear The Managing Director of Fat Dog Solutions, Phil Wade, fi rst discovered the Ki Pro three years ago, after researching recording formats and recorders that would facilitate easy access and transfer, free of transcoding needs for editing, archiving, duplication and repurposing at the request of a client. Quickly recognizing the value of the Ki Pro, he purchased a dozen of the recording devices. “As soon as we saw the Ki Pro, we were impressed. It’s such a clever piece of kit in terms of cost of revenue, that it’s completely viable,” Wade shared. You don’t have to cull several pieces of gear to upscale, downscale or garner multiple types of input; it’s all built in. The Ki Pro is a one-stop shop for composite, component video, standard SDI, HD-SDI and more. C ombining the watertight, crushproof features of the Peli case with a practical, stylish backpack, this new Peli range offers an ideal solution to protect digital and camera equipment while on the move. Peli Urban Elite and Sports Elite Backpacks feature built-in Peli cases for maximum protection for sensitive laptops and tablets. The range is designed for function with fl air and includes different styles to protect laptops (models U100 & S100) or tablets (models U140 & S140)- these are top loading for fast access. The new Peli U160 Half Case Camera Backpack incorporates a large waterproof, crushproof case to protect cameras and lenses. Within this case are cushioned dividers to protect each piece of camera kit from knocking against another. These dividers can be moved and reconfi gured to accommodate changes in the equipment carried. Additional storage is offered in a padded upper compartment for all sorts of accessories (portable hard drives, data cables and cords, etc.) with a pocket to store a tablet. Both storage compartments feature a contrasted yellow interior which helps for easy interior visibility. The U160 Backpack also features hidden tripod attachment straps. The chest clip and removable waist belt distribute the load comfortably. There are multiple side pockets to help organize smaller items. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 85 JANUARY 2014 | 33