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NEWS BVE 2014 Stand N62 Argosy A Metus Stand J32 M etus Technology will present Metus MAM, its unique Media Asset Management software, Metus INGEST, the globally used Multimedia Capture and Streaming software. Also Metus FlashNews for TV channels News Automation software will be shown at BVE. See the workfl ow of Metus Media Management, Reliable Video Solutions and Newsroom Automation at the show. rgosy, a leading international supplier of HD broadcast cables and studio infrastructure products, will demonstrate a range of fibre management solutions at BVE. Leading the BVE 2014 display is the Neutrik opticalCON advanced tactical fi bre assemblies, including the opticalCON Duo, opticalCON Quad and the debut of the latest addition to the range, the opticalCON MTP® connection systems. The MTP offers a 12-channel fi bre optic connection system for point-to-point multi- channel routing with a push/pull connector that helps to reduce rigging and de-rigging times in the fi eld. Its innovative spherical shutter is easy to clean and guarantees low maintenance. As well as being easily deployable, the MTP connection system offers a reliable, end-to-end solution with rugged outer-jackets for harsh environments making it an ideal solution for outside broadcast applications. Stand H25 TSL Products T SL Products will present a variety of its SoundField surround sound microphones, control units and upmix/downmix processors at BVE, including the DSF-B Digital Broadcast System, the ST450 Portable Microphone System, the DSF-1 Digital Performance Microphone System, along with the UPM-1 Upmix Processor and the X-1 Combined Upmix/Downmix Processor. TSL Products will also be showcasing its PAM1 MK2 Precision Audio Monitor and the PAM PiCo range of Audio and Loudness Meters. GB Labs G B Labs is launching the 8TB Mini Space 1RU shared storage at BVE. Built to fulfil the needs of digital imaging technicians, editing workgroups and remote production crews and niche playout departments, the system is compact, robust and high- speed. Compact rack units are now installed in small production studios, OB vans, on the fi lm set and in local TV channels. While multi-channel recorders and high bitrate cameras require safe high-capacity storage systems to give users instant access to review, edit, grade and transcode clips, niche playout facilities require inexpensive video servers that can play content reliably to air. As a high performance RAID 6 device with dual redundant power supplies and 1 or 10Gb Ethernet connectivity, Mini Space 1RU outperforms rivals in terms of speed, security and fi le access. 24 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 86 FEBRUARY 2014 Stand P09