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NEWS BVE 2014 ‘Orbit’ camera rig is set for take-off Stand K14 What’s in a name? A s anyone who is growing a business knows, you go through many changes along the way. Alongside her partner, Malcolm Harland, Lorna Garrett has learned a lot while running Garland Partners Limited (GPL). The most important learning? Although you may add customers and team members, one thing should never change: your values. This year, as they celebrate their tenth anniversary of being in business, they took the time to refl ect on how far they've come. Out of that came the idea to ensure the visual image they are portraying matches where they now are as an organisation, while still refl ecting their commitment to service excellence and reliability, remaining knowledgeable and innovative, and keeping a strong focus on teamwork. Their new logo looks like a “play” button that appears on many devices. It refl ects their ability to get things started and move forward, all while remembering that work can be both professional and fun. They’ve kept their tagline (Create. Stream. Share.) as it describes succinctly what their customers want. And they’ve focused on the name “Garland” as this is the way our many long- term customers refer to us. Where better to launch a new look than at BVE2014? When you’re there, please visit their new exhibition stand, and ask about the rebranding process they’re going through…they will be happy to share how they’ve “made a name for themselves”. Stand L06 B owens International is set to launch Comodo Orbit, a groundbreaking camera stabilisation device designed to provide photographers and cinematographers across the world with a radical new ‘single shot’ cinematic option. Orbit, the brainchild of multi-award-winning Dutch fi lm director Leonard Retel Helmrich, enables users to shoot a scene in a single take using just one camera moving ‘fl uidly - almost like fl ying- around the subject’ and has been developed by Bowens to spearhead its Comodo camera rig and grip range. The new device, which incorporates a unique patented twin- grip capability, allows users to move freely with the action - allowing seamless access into places previously considered impossible with other support systems and creating a totally exclusive viewer perspective. Unlike competitor rigs the ‘user friendly’ Comodo Orbit does not need balancing weights, motors or batteries. Two-handed operation also means less user fatigue – allowing for much longer takes where required. Helmrich, who has spent years working on the rig, believes the market for the new product is huge. He said: “We think that everyone who uses a small camera or camcorder could potentially be a customer for this rig which brings a new dimension to fi lm-making techniques.” He added: “We teamed with Bowens a year ago as we needed to work with a heavyweight company that has global reach and outstanding development and marketing skills. Tim Haskell, Bowens Business Development Manager said: “Orbit really is a game-changer. It’s the fi rst stabilised camera rig designed to fulfi l ‘single shot cinema’ shooting requirements and still be used as a stabilised rig for more conventional assignments. Orbit, which will retail at £999 (incl VAT), will be showcased at the UK’s largest broadcast Tech Show – BVE at London’s ExCeL venue (Feb 25-27). Forbidden Technologies F orbidden Technologies will be demonstrating the following recent FORscene developments: • Timeline overlay tracks with support for animated alpha channels, which can be used for cutaway material, to create picture-in-picture effects, or for logo placement. • Voice-over recording directly onto the FORscene timeline. • Increased capacity for loading more than 120 fi les per second into the play window. • Ability to import multiple CSV fi les with logging information. • New account management features for greater control over usage and cost. • Access to additional online support material. 36 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 86 FEBRUARY 2014 Stand A36