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AJA Video Systems has announced availability of Io 4k. This is billed as an evolution of its professional video I/O devices, updated and customised for Thunderbolt 2 technology and the latest 4k workfl ows. Io 4k connects to any Thunderbolt 2-enabled device, such as the new Mac Pro, and offers an additional Thunderbolt 2 port for daisy-chaining other peripherals in supported workfl ows. Of course there has been a whole lot of 4k going on at Sochi; with all that action and huge light levels it is a great opportunity to create chip- loads of pristine eye-catching footage. Besides the Russian broadcasts by NTV+, Panasonic has recorded the opening ceremony in 4k with the cooperation of the International Olympic Committee and Olympic Broadcasting Services. The company states that ‘This footage will be used as the company’s own video production materials’. This is good news as sadly there has been a boring familiarity of the footage I’ve already seen at Currys! Hopefully Panasonic will be able to capture more video of the events at Sochi, and so provide fresh footage for demo material. So is 4k now bigger than 3D TV? Looking at the recent and up-coming trade shows it is clear that there is increasing momentum for 4k, with no signs of fading. This is increasingly beginning supported by commercial reality with the sales of screens taking off and 4k becoming a preferred format for shooting big events – though, as reported last month, only the fi nal of the World Cup Soccer will be shot in the format. 4k needs greater support with much more programme material to watch; it is currently suffering from the usual chicken-and-egg syndrome. 4k is easy to watch and rewards those who get up close to the screen with a wealth of picture detail. As for 3D, it continues in cinemas and will not disappear, but it is unlikely to be doing much with TV as, ultimately, it is not easy to watch in the way we watch TV today. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 86 FEBRUARY 2014 | 57