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Indicam) and lenses (Resolve, Fuji, Theia, Kowa) that Polecam Systems can advise on, and supply. The Polecam Starter Pack Plus (PSP+) package has been outstandingly successful in making the Polecam system accessible to the creative camera community worldwide, with success stories of those already making a name for themselves with new rigs purchased just last year. Booth C9908 Polecam Systems P olecam Systems will launch new products at NAB including the Polecam Professional Pack, PPP, providing an enhanced out of the box solution for those looking to hit the ground running with a camera-ready highly specified and flight cased Polecam bundle at a professional level. The PPP is developed from the existing and dominant market leading PSP+ package. Like the PSP+, the PPP is modular and provides a great platform for cameras such as RED, Canon, Panasonic. Sony, and the range of specialist minicams (Toshiba, Panasonic, LMC, Camera Corps, IO Industries, If you are still not aware, Polecam is a single operator, lightweight carbon fibre, very portable, very fast, go anywhere remote head camera jib. The system has been enhanced with new powerful remote heads that will allow larger cameras to be mounted, opening up high end broadcast and cinematic possibilities. Take Polecam with you on any shoot and use it to raise production values on the go. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 87 MARCH 2014 | 29