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in seconds to broadcast live to television viewers, stream to the Web, transmit recorded video for later use, share video content with other organizations, or send fi les remotely — meaning a broadcaster can capture a story regardless of location or conditions. In particular, fi eld crews that lack easy access to an event can still get to the heart of the news using Dejero’s LIVE+ Mobile App. Available for both iOS and select Android devices, the LIVE+ Mobile App enables fi eld journalists to transmit high-quality HD or SD live video from their smartphones and tablets. The LIVE+ Mobile App is an industry fi rst, capable of bonding multiple wireless signals to stream high-quality video from the street to the television or Web. It aggregates both the Wi-Fi and cellular connections of iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, resulting in a higher-quality live video transmission with lower latency than a single connection would provide. In addition, the LIVE+ Mobile App also features support for interruptible foldback (IFB), enabling one-way, real-time communications to be sent from the studio to an earpiece worn by the on-air talent. That means seamless interviews with only 1.5-second latency. This bonded mobile application makes it possible to go live without the need for a camera crew or extra equipment—and even without a truck—effectively transforming everyone in the organization into a fi eld reporter, from any place the news is happening. Whether reporting from the side of a mountain or the middle of a sea of protesters, broadcasters the world over have been using the Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App to be fi rst on the scene, sending high-quality live footage back to their viewers that previously would have been impossible to capture. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 87 MARCH 2014 | 53