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Words from the designer “Shooting the extreme with a camera has always been straightforward.” says Steffan Hewitt, designer of Polecam. “You take a camera with you and you shoot. People have got these amazing shots ever since cameras became even vaguely portable. Then creative people looked for a way to raise the production value of the shots they were getting. A cost effective way of doing that is to use a jib, which not only allows the camera to move horizontally, but vertically as well. But as Christoph has said taking a crane into an extreme environment brings major problems, problems of size, weight and time. Big and heavy to move around, these things take a long time to build. In shooting extremes, you won’t have the luxury of saying ‘let’s build it here and wait for whatever it is to come to us’. You need to be fast and more portable than that.” As an extreme sports cameraman himself Steffan continues “For one of my extreme shoots I travelled up to the Arctic to fi lm walruses swimming through ice fl oes and beached on the shoreline. Not only was I dealing with extreme weather conditions of -15 to -25 degrees, but we had extreme living arrangements, just a tent on the ice. We were days away from the nearest habitation or any form of support. You don’t know where the animals are going to be, or how they are going to behave.” “I had the idea of putting Polecam on the nose of a boat. This is a pretty heavy duty thing to do and you need a big boat and you need to be lightweight, fast and portable. You are dealing with unpredictable creatures too. It was very hard work in a very unfriendly environment but in the end I got great crane shots despite the situation. The fact that we could build the crane very easily, transport it around with us and move with the subject made a massive difference.” watching the diver – in the beginning it was hard to deal with the height and diffi culty of the locations but with time I have learnt to control my fear. I fi nd myself thinking of all those who have to sit in an offi ce all day and here I am in this amazing situation - another great day in my offi ce. Polecam has given me an amazing life experience! See Polecam at NAB, Las Vegas, booth #C9908, exhibition 7th – 10th April 2014 Polecam is now very accessible through the Polecam Starter Pack PSP and PSP+, and can be used with a wide range of cameras from minicams to large sensor format cameras like DSLRs and other cameras from Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Black Magic Design and RED. Christoph Steuer is a Polecam operator located in Germany who has travelled the world during the last 2 years shooting the Red Bull Cliff Diving competition. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 88 APRIL 2014 | 63