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Driven by Excellence. So you can do your job better! To speed you on your way to better levels of engineering: MicroFlex Mach2 NEW NEW The DigiTek is a new platform catering for mixed signal inputs accepting up to 4 serial digital input modules, an audio module and a Test Signal Generator module, choose from a range of 6 different options to achieve the performance you seek. Hamlet re-establishes the base line for portable T&M equipment with the MicroFlex Mach 2. Mach numbers depend on the composition of the surrounding medium, especially pressure. • HD/SD SDi • HD/SD SDi and EYE • Test Signal Generator HD/SD SDi • Simple 3G SDi master upgrade code • Composite and Component • AES/EBU and analogue audio • Dolby • Loudness code upgrade • Built in performance speakers • Display up to four video sources simultaneously. Coincidentally the pressure on end users budgets is well known to Hamlet so we have re-invented the award winning MicroFlex with a new build, reducing cost and offering combination option module sets and a carry case all included at an amazing price. We’re sure you will like it as much as we do! See us at ® EXCELLENCE IN VISION Test, Measurement, Monitoring and Quality Control Simply the best, VidScope MH2B Broadcast accurate waveform monitoring for your production suite. Booth N817 Space saving T&M on a gooseneck? DigiScope DS900G NEW NEW VidScope, the original software T&M instrument, lauded by those using it as the best in the marketplace, has been teamed up with StreamLabs to produce an irresistible combination. VidScope MH2B is a capture card and software combination for professionals and their PC suites. Extensive operational features exceeding expectation, as does its price. The in-plane switching 7” LCD display is mounted via a gooseneck to the 1U rack providing formidable viewing performance with exceptional test, measurement and monitoring features, only found on professional T&M instrumentation. Select from 3G, HD, SD, Composite, TSG, EYE, AES/EBU, Analogue, Dolby and Loudness options, enabling up to 4 inputs to be viewed and 16 audio channels can be assessed simultaneously if required. Save space, money and achieve the perfect viewing angle at you convenience. 2005 T +44 (0) 1494 729 728