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NEWS Blueshape at MTF Londoners least likely to watch local TV M ondon Live, the new TV channel dedicated to the capital, launched in April, but new research reveals that Londoners are actually the least likely to watch a local TV channel in the UK, with only 44 per cent likely to do so. The findings additionally revealed that those that live in the North East are the most likely to watch a local TV service, though the launch date for Made in Tyne and Wear, the channel catering for this region, has not been confirmed yet. Blueshape improved V Lock batteries feature: L The research from TV playout experts OASYS, who polled a representative sample of the UK population in conjunction with YouGov, found that awareness and knowledge about the arrival of local TV is still relatively low, although appetite for such a service exists. Three quarters (75 per cent) of the British public dont know that local TV is launching across the UK, but when told about the service, only 37 per cent would actively turn off these channels. Furthermore only 17 per cent of women know about local TVs imminent arrival compared to a third (33 per cent) of men, yet women are more likely to watch the service with 34 per cent of women unlikely to watch compared to 39 per cent of men. The new channels also look likely to attract older audiences, with local TV most likely be watched by the 55 and overs, with nearly 3 in 5 (58 per cent) from this age bracket likely to do so. It is least likely to be watched by those aged between 18 and 24, with just 38 per cent planning to do so. Mark Errington, CEO, OASYS comments: Local TV is in the midst of a 5 year build-up programme to see if it can succeed where regional TV failed. With channels including Mustard TV catering for Norwich and Estuary TV catering for Grimsby already live, the arrival of London Live as a channel for the nation’s capital will perhaps be local TVs biggest test to date. There are a number of technologies and services being used to launch the channels, however, the key to success will lie in developing engaged communities around these channels with exciting content and new business models that make them commercially sustainable. The approach that London Live has taken with cross media promotions and a lively looking programme line up will hopefully help them to prove our survey wrong. TF Services Ltd are proud to announce that they have been appointed the UK distributor for all Blueshape products. These include V Lock Battery packs, Hot Swap batteries, chargers ranging from one channel to 8 channel, and the unique Blueshape mobile Power Station range. Advanced modular design The lithium ion cells are secured inside the pack in a carefully designed and reinforced modular cage. All the metal interconnections and the electronic BMS board are integrated with the cells making a single core. No wiring is used. The metal, cell-to-cell tabs have been thickened using lower resistance alloy for improved welding strength and superior electrical conductivity. D-Tap sockets are modularly deployed on each pack side and externally protected with snap on rubber caps. Rock Solid Construction The external V-Bracket is screwed to the inner core through the bottom case, by means of a reinforcement metal plate. The outer battery pack shells wrap the inner core and clamp it with 8 perimeter screws. A coloured rubber gasket is sandwiched in the middle between the outer shells to improve water resistivity apart from giving the battery, a smarter look. Superior resin The outer shells are made of 4mm thick automative grade plastic resin featuring superb toughness and impact resistance even at low temperatures. Improved overall pack longevity The battery system as a whole will benefi t from this robustness because of the reduced risk of internal disconnection or malfunction caused by unexpected crashes thus extending the overall pack life expectancy. IP54 Tested and approved. New Showroom at MTF Still based at the Chocolate Factory in North London, MTF have now expanded to provide an enhanced visitor friendly experience. 16 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 89 MAY 2014