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NAB test and measurement innovation U K based test and measurement innovator PHABRIX used NAB to announce a raft of new enhancements and innovation across its Sx hand held and Rx rack mount test and measurement instruments. And some amazing discounts too. Priced at an amazingly cost effective £1999 ($3454 US), PHABRIX has promoted its new hand held TAG heavily at NAB, bringing PHABRIX quality and industry recognition to a complete set of testing interfaces. Whether it is SD-HDI and HD-SDI, optical via its SFP cage or analogue - yes analogue – PHABRIX have now created a new hand held to test most broadcast infrastructure needs. Not only has the hand held range been enhanced, PHABRIX has also been working on its innovative Rx rack mount monitoring system. At the show PHABRIX released its new V9 upgrade for the Rx series. Prominent at the show was the high resolution waveforms and video gamut display. With 1920 x 1080 display, PHABRIX’s new full screen waveforms look set to be the standard in quality display for the industry. Audio capabilities within the Rx toolset provide a single box solution for audio/ video monitoring with new lissajous, Loudness and Dolby E, D and D Plus support on display. Dolby decode is also available with the provision of a new audio module which can be bundled with a 4AES module to provide Dolby support at a very attractive price. Live from NAB Other new features in the Rx rack mount toolset included multi-channel closed caption display – 608/708 and OP47. MORE £40,000 THAN IN FILM GEAR TO BE WON! HOW TO ENTER Create a short film of up to five minutes in length, and accompany it with a behind-the-scenes video that shows a RØDE mic in use. Visit for full terms and conditions and to register for your entry pack. Entries close May 31st. Presented in conjunction with: Exclusively distributed in the UK & Ireland by Source • • T: 020 8962 5080 #40473 - Resized Rode.indd 1 TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 89 28/02/2014 13:09 17 MAY 2014 |