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AUDIO them into the communications portion of the fi bre bridge between the sites. The result was that we had less than 1.6 milliseconds of delay over a 17- mile link. Within the MetLife compound itself we used the fi bre connections available on the OMNEO cards which can theoretically achieve latencies as low as 0.15 milliseconds.” “The quality was excellent and the latency was very low,” Jason Taubman, Game Creek’s VP of design and new technology, agrees. “For the users it was just like everyone was on one central intercom, right there in the same building. So by taking on the lead role for the connection across the river OMNEO came in and kind of saved the day.” “We have a legacy investment in RTS gear, it works well, and it’s well understood by all of our clients,” Taubman says. “And then we have situations like the Super Bowl, where something comes up that requires us to think outside the box, and we are able to do it with new technology that is still completely compatible with our existing system. We have a lot of tricks that we can pull from within the RTS product line, and OMNEO represents the latest cutting edge example of that. It really was the thing that enabled success on this particular project.” According to Lewis, clients choose RTS for a number of reasons. “RTS has been a world leader in the intercom business for many years. The combination of having the largest install base worldwide and being part of a large multinational company like Bosch is important for prestigious broadcast companies such as our long-term customer NBC”, says Lewis, “because companies of this size need Nico Lewis, SENIOR SALES MANAGER RTS INTERCOMS, ON THE WINTER GAMES IN SOCHI between the facilities and the IBC was based on 4 wire. Olympic Broadcasting Systems, who used a multi-frame with TBX redundant fi bre connection and full RVON IP infrastructure. Other international companies and OB trucks were connected with the IBC through 4 wire. Additionally, NBC used the latest RTS RP1000 high-res display keypanels. What feedback did you receive? The companies that did the installation always had to agree on a fi nal end test before handing over the systems. RTS was a key player during Because the RTS intercom systems the Winter Games in Sochi: are easy to setup and control, we What was your involvement? did not have to support the fi nal test There were a number of facilities at phase. It was setup, test – and the the Winter Games that used RTS system worked. That simple! intercoms. These included the Did the systems have to be Arena Fischt where the opening compatible with other systems? and closing ceremonies of both If so, how was this achieved? the Olympic and Paralympics Games took place, the Iceberg, We managed to integrate some Adler and Ice Cube Arenas as well systems intelligently with other third as two training centres. party systems, but the majority of the systems were using 4 wires to bring Additionally, the International intercom in and out between individual Broadcast Centre (IBC) in Sochi broadcasters and the IBC. was managed by OBS, the We received many happy and positive reactions on Facebook and Twitter from operators and engineers on the spot. Additionally, we received great feedback from the IBC that these games were again a great success thanks to good and reliable intercom. What was the confi guration? The systems were based on the RTS digital matrix technology and classic RTS keypanels. Depending on the distance between the users, we used embedded fi bre technology to overcome long distances. The connection to relay in a trustworthy technology partner for a long time period. Additionally, all our products are backward-compatible, which means that our users’ investment is protected as our latest developments can be implemented through updates.” New technologies such as OMNEO will have a vast effect on broadcasting, Jon Ridel predicts: “It will mean more operators in remote areas can have intelligent communication via a keypanel because standard network devices and cabling can be used whereas in the past this may have been a problem due to running extra specialist cabling. OMNEO allows for a network connection to be provided to 64 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 89 MAY 2014 Was there a test phase? a remote area, and then subsequent keypanels can be daisy-chained from each other to provide up to a total of 20 in an area without the need for running 20 individual cables back to the matrix. The other network connections can be used to connect third party network devices such as laptops in remote areas to confi gure the system with the software, which previously would have been a challenge for our customers.“ “The future looks bright with OMNEO”, agrees Nico Lewis. “With this new technology, RTS will win the hearts of the existing RTS users and the newcomers in this world because it is the future of digital intercom.”