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NEWS Ultimate heavy weight robotic studio solution V inten Radamec® has introduced its latest solution in response to customer demand for a robotic pedestal for even heavier payloads.  The FPR-210+ is a variation of the renowned robotic pedestal, the FP-188, smoothly managing payloads of up to 95kg/210lbs, providing operators with uncompromising on-air support for heavy weight camera packages. The new pedestal sup- ports the weight of Vinten Radamec’s renowned Fusion FH-145 head, plus the combined weight of the studio camera or build-up kit, studio lens and prompter/vanity mon- itor combination of up to 66kg/145lbs, maximising the payload capacity of the FH-145. Unveiling SelenioFlex I magine Communications have unveiled SelenioFlex, a comprehensive, software-based transcoding and en- coding solution for live and file-based media process- ing. With the addition of SelenioFlex, Imagine Commu- nications now offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of media processing solutions, addressing any application requirement from source acquisition to adaptive bit rate (ABR) delivery and file-based, on-demand distribution and supporting the expanding needs of content owners and service providers in today’s multiformat, mul- tiscreen media landscape. In perfect sync M etus INGEST Remote Controller is designed to be in perfect sync with iPad. With just a few taps on your iPad, you can control your media INGEST projects from anywhere and anytime. You can start, stop, or split files for all your INGEST channels with a simple interface. Now you can have complete INGEST control at your finger tips. This easy to use application makes life easier for all Metus Ingest us- ers. Play with your capture projects whenever and wherever you like. Expanding on-air creativity I n preparation for the 2014 Formula One® (F1) racing season, Reality Check Systems (RCS) upgraded its Uppercut production system for Sky Sport Deutschland as part of a three-year engagement designed to streamline the network’s live broadcasts and minimize production over- head. To bring advanced digital video effects (DVE) capabilities to Sky Sport’s existing Uppercut system, which RCS originally developed and installed for the network last year, RCS’ Steven Heimbold led a five-per- son team in designing innovative state logic software to simplify 3D DVE transitions and broaden creative graphics capabilities on Uppercut for Sky Sport’s remote F1 productions. 10 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 90 JUNE 2014