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NEWS Watch on tv-bay channel Automating trailer production A s part of the launch of its new Bollywood channel, leading Middle East free-to-air broadcaster MBC needed to speed up the branding of large quantities of promos and other marketing material. The solution came in Pixel OnDemand, the unique technical and business solution from Pixel Power. Pixel OnDemand is aimed at broadcasters who need high performance workfl ows with uncompromised graphics quality in a fi le-based workfl ow. It runs on IT industry standard servers, using Pixel Powers mar- ket-leading graphics engines and Gallium workfl ow man- agement software. It allows standard templates to be defi ned which are then automatically populated, creating imaginative and attractive promos which are rendered and delivered for transmission quickly and without indi- vidual attention. Highlighting the new Avid S6 control surface H HB Communications Ltd. is announcing the release of a new educational video series that highlights the features of the revolutionary new Avid S6 modular control surface. The fi rst S6 video can be viewed on the HHBs YouTube Channel at this link: Introducing L Series wireless microphone products L ectrosonics, recognised the world over as a leading manufacturer of wireless microphone systems and audio processing products, is pleased to announce three new products in the company’s L Series Large Bandwidth line of wireless microphones. The new L Series units all share a wide tuning range of three standard Lectrosonics blocks, or 67.5 to 76.8 MHz, depending on the specific frequency band, and employ Lectrosonics’ patented Digital Hybrid Wireless® tech- nology for compandor-free audio along with compatibil- ity modes for interoperability with older analog systems. The new L Series product group consists of the LMb and LT beltpack transmitters, and the LR miniature receiver. 20 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 90 JUNE 2014